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1500 14th Ave Suite A, Vero Beach, FL 32960

So, long story short, I was able to shadow my dentist (and a couple other dentists) to see what the profession was like and fell in love with it. It combined all the elements I pursued in engineering and medicine until that point problem solving, working with my hands, a specific field of medicine, interacting with patients and ultimately at the end of the day, I really loved helping people.

WHERE HAVE YOU PRACTICED DENTISTRY BEFORE VERO SMILES? I have worked in a variety of settings before Vero Smiles. I have worked in a few private practices, a dental service organization, a not-for-profit clinic, and with the military.

WHY DID YOU BEGIN VERO SMILES? I worked as a dentist at a few other offices, but I always wanted my own practice. I reached out to Dr. Price one day and we met for lunch. We have very similar thoughts about how we like to practice dentistry and treat our patients, and we decided I would be a great fit for the office when he decided to retire.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. Caitlin and I were married here in Vero Beach in 2016. Our first son, Silas, was born the following year and our second son, Thorin (Baby T), was born just before Christmas 2019. We also have a dog Diesel.

WHAT ARE YOU KNOWN FOR PROFESSIONALLY? Professionally, I am known for a few things listening and putting people at ease is one. I often get complemented that I give the best injection (shot) ever and people dont even feel it. But I think Im known best for being a genuine, kind, caring person and providing quality dental care and making people feel comfortable.

WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT PROFESSIONALLY? Im passionate about providing the best dental experience possible for people that come to see me. I want to ensure that everyone who comes into my office has a positive experience and is treated as an individual and with the utmost compassion and respect. I want everyone to feel confident that they will receive excellent care while in my hands.


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