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The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK
1705 Richardson Hwy, Delta Junction, AK 99737
The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

I graduated from Sunset High School in Beaverton, Oregon. I attended Portland State University, began dental studies at the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry and graduated from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry (with honors).

I have furthered my education continually since graduating from College. I am proud to say that I have achieved FAGD certification. My personal philosophy is that I believe we should never stop learning. We must always be open to new and better ideas and methods. That is why you will always find the latest and best equipment and treatment methods at The Delta Dentist.

I am proud to say my lovely wife, Lisa, and I have been happily married for over 30 years. Besides being my best friend and loving companion, she provides me with the organization and management that I need in both my business and personal life.

Ad of equal importance, we have two spectacular daughters. The oldest, Amanda, is a gifted athlete and currently working with me as a Dental Hygienist. Our youngest, Savannah, is a superior student who graduated from high school in 2014, is a black belt in Kung Fu, and is currently my Dental Assistant.

All these females make my life complete. My favorite activities are working around my home, playing tennis and skiing with my family. I love soft jazz, movies, sports, and miss 24 and The Unit on TV. Tasting the fantastic local pint noirs is right up there on the top of my list.

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

As Dr. Olivers oldest daughter, I grew up around dentistry and share the same affinity for it and love of helping people. Shortly after finishing my early education, I attended Carrington College and became a Restorative Dental Hygienist. Thereafter, I began working with my dad at his dental office in Oregon, but when The Delta Dentist opened in December of 2014, I started traveling between the two clinics and by Fall 2015, Delta Junction had won me.

Delta Junction had truly captured my heart. I love spending my time enjoying so much of what Alaska has to offer, including snow machining and visiting our family cabin. Ive also loved learning how to hut, fish, and fire a rifle. Im so excited to see what this great adventure called life has in store for me.

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

Im the youngest member of the Oliver family and have the same partiality towards dentistry as I have a driving desire to help people. Through hard work and immense dedication, I graduated from the Delphian School in June of 2014 at the age of 16. In the year that followed, I gained experience working as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant with my dad in Oregon at All About Smiles in addition to here at The Delta Dentist. This experience made me proficient in taking x-rays, cleaning teeth, and assisting in all sorts of dental procedures.

In the Fall of 2015, I ventured to Omaha, Nebraska to attend Creighton University with a major in Exercise Science, and graduated Magna Cum Laude in May of 2019. In fall of 2019, I will begin my last four years of graduate school at Creighton to become a dentist.

During my breaks, I often come home and return to work at The Delta Dentist, but over the past year have also dedicated my time to traveling abroad and gaining the profound experience of volunteering with doctors and dentists across the world.

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

Kirsten Hunt is one of our very talented dental assistants. She started out doing sterilization and has just blossomed into a beautiful asset to our office. She is always so open to offering a helping hand to everyone in the office and delivers and unforgettable patient experience. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful employee who cares about the office, staff, and our patients. She is compassionate and hardworking. Could we ask for anyone better than that?

She is a transplant from Oregon and came to Alaska in 2010 for school. At that same time, she wound up meeting her now husband. Delta won over her heart in 2013. She has been going to the University of Fairbanks for medical assisting with ver little left to get her degree. Kirsten and her significant other built their cabin and finally exchanged vows in August 2017. When not in the office, Kirsten enjoys ice climbing, kayaking, camping and photography. She really enjoys all Delta and the surrounding areas have to offer for her love of the outdoors. Her super spoiled fur baby, Geo, loves going on these adventures as well.

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

The Delta Dentist is happy to have Nikki as one of our team members. As our newest dental assistant, she comes from years of a customer service background and is looking forward to spoiling our patients just like we do.

Nikki came to Delta 20 years ago and knew this was the place for her. She enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing and anything else she can do in the great outdoors. She has two children that light up her life. Nikki is grateful for our small community and looks forward to creating an exceptional patient experience for you all.

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

Kara is our new Office Manager here at The Delta Dentist. New to the areabut always a small-town girl at heart, Kara is happy to call Delta her new home! She was born in Fairbanks, so Alaska is all too familiar to her. Kara enjoys cooking, fishing and exploring our great state. She shares a home with her 9 year old son, Connor, her fianc and their 3 fiesty cats. Kara is a great addition to The Delta Dentist team and cant wait to spoil our patients!

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

Hi, Im Starr! I am originally from Seattle but Delta has been my familys home since the late 80s. Ive been a part of the community for almost 5 years now and have been enjoying all our small town has to offer.

I graduated from Delta Junction High School and enjoy going snow machining, 4-wheeling, fishing and adventuring around this amazing state. I have 3 awesome dogs in every size they come, as well as a lop eared bunny named Luna. I share my time working at Big Delta Brewing Company in the kitchen or helping wherever they need me. I am so glad to be a part of this community and look forward to meeting everyone!

The Delta Dentist - General dentist in Delta Junction, AK

Im Brandi! Im one of the newest members here at The Delta Dentist. I adored dentistry ever since I was 15 years old. I never really liked my smile for a long time until I had dental work done. Its amazing what changing your smile could do for you and I want to do that for others. While training to become a general dentist, I am learning the ropes of a dental assistant and loving every minute of it! If it wasnt for moving from Philadelphia, PA to Delta Junction, AK, I wouldnt have had the opportunity to get my foot in the door for my dental career. I look forward to meeting and providing excellent patient care to you all.

Let us guide you on your path to a lifelong healthy and beautiful smile. Modern restorative dentistry preserves and conserves your natural teeth. With whitening, porcelain veneers, natural-looking crowns and bridges, lifelike bonding, and clear braces, weve changed dentistry from a dull gray or glinting gold experience to a reflection of natures own handiwork.

One of our goals is to make pain, fear, and anxiety a thing of the past when going to the dentist! If you have a low tolerance for pain, you dont want to hear, This will only hurt a little. No, thats not good enough. You Dont Want It To Hurt At All!

We know dentistry isnt the most inexpensive thing in your life, even though it is a necessity. Weve found that putting off dental care has led to some disastrous dental experiences for our patients that could have easily been avoided if they came in and received minimal care.

Studies have shown that the #1 reason people put off their dental care has nothing to do with fear or pain, but has to do with the guilt of putting off the dentist. People keep putting it off, because they are afraid to get lectured by the doctor and staff.

Warm blankets & cable TV while you get care!: You get to watch the channel of your choice while we give care. Before you get in the dental chair, help yourself to our professional massage chair and beverage center.

On any visit, come relax in our professional grade massage chair. Come early and stay as long as you like. This is our Welcome Gift to our office and all of our patients. Plus, enjoy a complimentary drink from our beverage center.


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a year ago
Love The Delta Dentist Cozy feel will make your dentist scaries go away, and the staff is amazing! Very accommodating, love to call this place a part of the community!

Carol Ann
2 years ago
I love my new dentist (new to the area). The facility is beautiful! All of the staff members are friendly and unbelievably helpful. They have a gameroom (with video games), a pool table & massage chairs to pass time while waiting for your appointment.

Marsha Renaud
2 years ago
Best dentist my family has ever had through the year traveling with the military. Staff are always very attentive to your individual dental needs and always friendly! Highly recommend!

Alona O
2 years ago
Had a great experience!

Robert Hyde
2 years ago
Great experience!

Honeybees Hive
2 years ago
This is by far the most amazing dentist office ive ever been to!!! The moment i walked in a lady named Amanda greeted me at the counter and immediately started on my paperwork right away! She was super kind and made me feel so welcome! Then a few min later niki came to get me and i sat down in the chair, right away she was so sweet and welcoming and such an amazing vibe with the whole staff before even getting started! Right away she could tell i was super nervous and i told her about my last root canal being a horrible tramatic experience for me, basically a dentist nightmare story and right away she started calming me down by having a conversation with me and walking me through each step. At this time my heart was still racing and i started to look around the room and omg so many things to take your mind off of the procedure... wide window to see the huge mountain peeks snowcapped and majestic, then by the window seal was a printed image and it said welcome and my name in a frame off to the right of the window seal, then hd tv with headphone capabilities, then the chair was a massage chair with heat at this point i was starting to feel like i was at a spa lol. She then took xrays and pictures then explained step by step with tons of detail, after that she put the numbing lotion on my gum, started the heated massage and started happy gas to calm me down and she even brought this nice fuzzy blanket to tuck me in . After a little bit dr oliver came in to put the real numbing stuff in and wow that man was so considerate and gentle and just having a conversation with him is like a breath of fresh air. The way he explains things and talks to you is so caring, kind, genuine concern, and really has a passion for what he does! After that they both left for a while until the numbing and happy gas took effect and shortly came back and started right away, during the procedure they kept talking to each other like a casual conversation and tools he needed all while both of them cheering me on to get through it as calm as I could. The only bad part is when u feel the vibrations of the drill and the sound in ya ears, but somehow dr oliver made it less excruciating by just talking me through it while his assistant viki was cheering me on, checking on me, making sure i was as comfortable as i could be and with all the amenities they provided up to this point just made up for all the trama i had to go through with my root canal done in another state many years ago. Also i had mentioned to Dr.Oliver one of my bottom teeth needed to be shortened because it was scrubbing into my top tooth when i talk or eat and he trimmed it down so perfectly now my teeth look more even too! When they were finished i felt like i just got out of a spa, relaxed, calm, and super impressed with the whole experience! So in my opinion if you have had trama from a dentist but need dental work, go to The Delta Dentist Dr. Oliver, him and his staff will change your opinion of a dentist! They are not all the same! Dr. Oliver and his staff is one of a kind and gives you a highly superb experience! Now im excited i get to go back for a cleaning in a few mths its no longer tramatic to get dental work done! Don't hesitate this business should be the set standards for others its by far an unforgettable experience you will remember the rest of your life!

Michael magick Jolly
2 years ago
When I first got to delta junction being deployed there i was told I need to have my teeth worked on had a couple of options but thank the heavens that it led me to Delta Dentist they not only had my back but my teeths back too. For a dental office they make it feel like home with some of the latest massage treatments chairs just greeting you to wait comfortable for your appointment. Even more to keep your children engaged in enjoyment, great prices, great personnel and the dental physician is amazing this place is truly a dimond in the rough wilderness of Alaska.

Adele Ramirez
2 years ago
I got amazing service here - They took care of my dental needs efficiently and very painlessly! A state-of-the-art facility for sure, with high tech equipment! Highly recommend Dr Oliver, Amanda and the rest of the staff!

Butch Nosko
2 years ago
I can't say enough good things about The Delta Dentist. I have needed so much dental work over the years and Dr. Oliver has been the best. He has put in numerous implants, fillings, crowns, etc. and they have all been expertly done. It is a state-of-the-art facility with all the newest equipment that Dr. Oliver and staff competently use. The office itself is beautiful and comfortable. They even have massage chairs to enjoy! All the staff are so friendly. They really make the dental experience the best! The Delta Dentist is 5 star without a doubt.

Serena Augustin
2 years ago
This place is the BEST for service, friendliness, and quality of care! The care is evident in everything they do for our family.

Guy Bak
2 years ago
Very nice and courteous, even the kids love them.

Melissa Lupo
2 years ago
Delta Dentist is the place to go! Want a cup of coffee? Need a massage? Need to brush up on your pool skills while you let the kiddos play a couple arcade games? Want exceptional dental care from a wonderful team? Whether you're 2 or 102 and needing your teeth cleaned or just flat out needing teeth, Dr. Oliver and his exceptional team have you covered!

Josiah Helkenn
2 years ago
Dr. Brad and his team have never disappointed. Great environment and dental work.

Karli Taylor
2 years ago
Best dentist I've ever had the privilege of dealing with. My son loves visiting them. They are friendly, professional, and exceptionally clean.

2 years ago
Yesterday I had the easiest dental cleaning of my life. Just the word dentist has always been a trigger for me. I have enjoyed visiting The Delta Dentist before, but it's been 6 years due to lack of insurance and so I was extra nervous about it. They haven't changed a bit. It was as close to painless as could possibly be, even putting numbing gel where it would have hurt otherwise. Dr. Oliver's staff makes it feel more like visiting family (the good side) than an appointment. Doesn't hurt that they have massage chairs, pool table, game room, TV, and the biggest specialty coffee maker I've ever seen. Seriously consider trying them out if you need a dentist!

Adele S Ramirez
2 years ago
My husband had a toothache and Dr Oliver and his team carefully and patiently worked to discover the problem. The whole team is very proficient and professional, and very friendly as well. We would Highly recommend this office to anyone with dental needs! Thank you all!!

Jennifer Anderson
2 years ago
Still my favorite after 3 years. The most comfortable dental office ever. Best staff.

TBC Radio Alaska
2 years ago
I've Known these people for years and really appreciate how they've helped the Delta Community! A town couldn't ask for a better dentist!

Viktoriya Tudor
2 years ago
Great Experience!! Very friendly and inviting atmosphere!! Will absolutely come again!

Zuleyka Acevedo
2 years ago
The best !

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