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Rose Hazel
a year ago
I first came to this office and had to wait a little, but it was all worth it, front office guided me every step of the way, and the doc put 5 crowns in no time. my mouth looks and feel great, they were very helpful and pleasant. and I got the exact treatment that I wanted

Veronica S
a year ago
There are many dentists out there, who claims they do this type of services, but they are not as highly educated or trained as Doctor Orr, you can tell the minute doctor Orr walk in room, this doctor trains other dentist I heard, and the work and speed is great, no time waisted at this place Do yourself a huge favor just try this dentist out, this dentist is the best for me and my family and probably best is state

Xena tess
a year ago
I just wanted to leave a testimonial for Dr. Orr , root canal pains are history, I am not afraid of any root canal procedures as long Dr Orr will do it. I am so grateful for this office

Natasha Nice
a year ago
It is my pleasure to recommend this office. as your most desirable choice for restoring that bright smile you've always desired. I got my front veneers, I look like a model, happy with the results, office made the process of getting veneers painless, getting 8 implants next month, definitely recommend them to anyone!

Devid Convey
a year ago
After visiting other local dentists and not receiving the service that I wanted or needed, I chose to take a chance with this office. The whole process was simple and easy, and my treatment was great, I recommend this office and their services .

Natalia Jones
a year ago
I highly recommend this dental office! They are down to earth and very professional & friendly. I had a great experience, and they did an amazing job on my teeth. Thank you!

Angelo Maithew
a year ago
I was recommended to this office by my son who is very picky, he told me this doctor is amazing, do not go elsewhere! And boy he is right, Dr O made the process so easy and stress free, I love it, it's like going to movies, hahaha. Thanks.

Raelynn Oliver
a year ago
Dr. Orr is extremely professional and meticulous. I had a metal retainer but it was from old dentist and damaged, dr orr did 4 implants under 30 min mouth It has given me my confidence back. now going to the dentist is pleasant and fun again.

Tem Babuma
a year ago
I walked in not knowing the difference between a simple root canal and a complicated one, they took care of whatever was needed to make me feel comfortable. They were great about explaining the procedure, I felt at ease from the minute I walked in, very homely environment.

sarita verma
a year ago
I asked Dr. Orr to replace my front tooths, because of bad looks cracks chipped etc., and they were very sensitive. Dr extracted the old teeth, it was quick and painless, got immediate implants it completed healed in 3 days my whole upper jaw looks like a model, I am not sure why this doctor is not in tv. But many thanks to dr orr.

Jhon Peter
a year ago
An incredible job by going the extra mile to give me a great service and attention in getting my dental crowns fixed, I had a griding bite problem dr orr fixed and aligned my bite in one visit, pain was gone, my mouth and jaw can finally relax, I was joyed that there are real doctors if you look for them, and I have found this office sending all my friends here.

Jhon Parter
a year ago
This doc gave me my years of lost confidence back in one appointment. I needed to build new teeth after years of abuse because I like cigarettes, so crowns and implants are my best option, having dr Orr on my side I was relaxed, this doctor skill level is great, and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

Nash Lane
a year ago
I had a terrible experience in past, trying to find the right dentist, I found them on internet, I don't want to name the places but I tried them all in past,. I went from dentist to dentist, before finally finding doctor Orr, this dentist is direct, very professional and down to earth, dr orr did the laser with implants and i felt no pain and was done less the hour. Happy with my work.

a year ago
Today, after years I am finally giving a review as I hate computers , I had black teeth other doctors told me no hope for your mouth, I decided to go visit this office as heard from my work about this place, Dr orr change my looks , they give me mirror after the treatment of implants, I was shocked how good I look, tears in my eyes, they have transformed my life. TRUST them always.

Doome Moines
a year ago
I never met doctor O in person before, as my old dentist keep saying you can't get implants, but the whole experience with my implants with dr orr was great, I was told by assistants don't worry dr orr will take care of your mouth, dr orr felt like a angel, they did 1 scan, and doctor told we can do implants you have good jaw, 4 implants was done in 15 min wow. No pain no discomfort , I simple thanks is due , I am sending cookies to the office thanks

Marion Cockayne
2 years ago
I had gotten in the mail or in the newspapers an advertisement about Dr. Orr.and the new patients offering. I decided to give it a try. The Dr. was offering free x-rays, free cleaning and a free consultation. I was interested in implants so I called the office to be sure that the ad was correct. Yes, the worker told me that the ad was right. My appointment started out good. I filled out the forms then I was called in the room where I was asked more questions about my health. Then the person said I needed an x-ray. I told her I had an xray from a few weeks before but she said the doctor wanted her own xrays. She asked when the last time I had my teeth cleaned and I told her about 1 month to 2 months ago. She also asked what dentist did the cleaning. She gave me an x-ray of my entire mouth. Then the Dr. came in we talked about having implants. Before the implants could be done Dr. Orr said she wanted me to go to a periodontist for a consultation due to other work to be done before the implants. I agreed and Dr. Orr was to give me the name of the periodontist that she works with. I went to the front office to get the referral paper. On my way out the office worker said to me that I needed to pay for the x-ray that was just done. I showed her the ad paper where it was listed free x-ray. The worker said I had a free consultation and I had to pay for the x-ray because I did not have a cleaning. That did not make sense to me. I reshowed her the ad that it made no mention of what the office worker was telling me. The ad listed many free things the Dr. was offering to new patients. I was a new patient. The office worker said if I had the cleaning I would have gotten the x-ray for free. This office is nothing but a scam to get people in and take their money. I told the office worker not to send me a bill and if she did I was reporting the office to the American Dental Association as well as the Attorney General in Ct. At that point I left and I left behind the referral paper. I don't want to do business with Dr. Orr and her office. The ads about free offerings to new patients is not true. The whole thing is a scam.

Bonnie Dobbs
2 years ago
I went to see Dr. Orr as a new patient. Dr. Orr will recommend and push you to get work done that is unnecessary. I got a second opinion from my periodontist of 26 years; who I trust. My said that crowns were completely unecessary.

B Lee
2 years ago
BEWARE Of this dentist office there are already 2 lawsuits against Dr Pavlak and I had to file a lawsuit against Dr. BEENISH ORR for negligently extracting a tooth and breaking a crown I had which she made me pay for it. She filed down my two front teeth without my consent as she was prepping my tooth for a temporary crown on another tooth. I had an implant done by her and she made the crown too small plus she made the crown that she had to replace too small and they are right next to each other which is causing food to get stuck in between. I confronted her about this and she told me that my teeth were shifting. I went to another dentist and he told me that in fact they were made too small and that she should replace them for free because it was her mistake. Dr. Orr told me she has never made a mistake, she called the other dentist and told him I told her HE told me to sue her which is a lie! This lady is very unprofessional and she doesn't care if her work is done the right way. I would not waste my money with her if I were you. There are plenty of other dentist that do amazing work and don't charge as much plus will admit when they are wrong. When I confronted her I told her I didn't like how she filed down my teeth without my consent she told me that she was just trying to help me out and then she proceeded to hit my two front teeth with the metal tools she uses while she was placing my permanent and final crown. Justice is going to be served with this case and I wanna make sure everybody is aware

Jason Brzozowski
2 years ago
Very kind, helpful and knowledgeable

Lacey Bracket
2 years ago
I am so happy to have found Smile Center Family Dentistry in Terryville! Dr. Orr was absolutely amazing when I met her. She has a huge heart and a ton of passion for her practice and profession! Meeting her was a game changer! But Dr. John has been working on my teeth and he is hands-down, wonderful! He tells you exactly what he's going to do prior to doing it. He is gentle and the work he's already done is near perfection! Zero pain! Going to the dentist always makes me a little nervous....But with Dr. John, it's breeze each time! I feel so comfortable in the chair; it's just 'good vibes.' And ALL of the girls/techs in the office are very friendly, fun and caring! It's been a great experience for me; every time I go! I definitely recommend Smile Center to All!!!

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