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Dr. Prattipati earned her Doctorate in dental medicine from UAB School of Dentistry. Dr. Prattipati is a graduate of comprehensive Dental implant residency and focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry / minimally invasive dentistry offering simple solutions.

Today Dr. Prattipati works with patients with TMJ pain and Sleep Apnea who have been referred by their primary care or sleep physician in search of alternative treatments for snoring and sleep apnea. Her expertise is objectively documenting craniofacial dysfunction and correlating it with subjective pain symptoms.

She believes strongly in a multidisciplinary approach with other healthcare providers whenever possible. Treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical and reversible. Dr. Prattipati is committed to providing state -of- the- art- care by using the latest equipment and technology. She is committed to expanding her knowledge with the latest advancements to better serve her patients .

The Sleep Apnea and TMJ Wellness Center concentrates on achieving the best treatment possible and increasing general body health, as we believe Oral and body health are connected. As we treat TMJ and Sleep Apnea we routinely see patient overall health increase in other areas of their life. When you're sleeping well and pain free you have more energy to dedicate to other areas of life. At the Sleep Apnea and TMJ Wellness Center we love helping our patients achieve optimal health and quality of life.

The Sleep Apnea and TMJ Wellness Center excels at delivering painless, patient-centered care. At The Sleep Apnea and TMJ Wellness Center everything is about you. We put your needs and dreams at the forefront. We strive to address your concerns and goals and create custom treatment plans that will have you confidently smiling and feeling your best.

Dr. Prattipati has a special interest in Sleep Apnea and TMJ and she enjoys giving everyone the relief they deserve. Sometimes great results can be achieved with the smallest changes, such as wearing a mouth guard at night or doing simple exercises.

Our practice uses state of the art technology. We are constantly bringing in the latest technology that would aid us on achieving better results and treatment outcomes while making dentistry as comfortable as possible and improving your experience.

The Sleep Apnea and TMJ Wellness Center is a team of compassionate, dedicated professionals who provide innovative, minimally invasive, individualized optimal dental care using state of the art technology. We are enthusiastic in our commitment to patients and will continue to strive for excellence.

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