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TheEnvironmental Restoration Program(ERP)manages the environmental cleanup of all Air Force bases. Past industrial activities have resulted in contamination of the soil and water at Travis AFB. The ERP iscommitted to restoring the soil and water to a condition that is protective of human health and the environment as quickly as possible. The links located in thesidebar to the right provide access to information on our progress as well as connections to the primary environmental regulatory agencies that provide oversight of the Travis AFB ERP.

The Travis ERP staff, with input from three federal and state of California regulatory agencies and the local community, manages the cleanup effort. Prior to 2013, the ERP staff was attached to Travis AFB and was assigned to the 60th Civil Engineer Squadron. As part of the Air Force transformation, the restoration efforts at all Air Force installations were centralized, and the Travis ERP staff is now a part of the Travis Installation Support Section (ISS) andattached to the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) in San Antonio, Texas. Even though the Travis ISS is a tenant organization on Travis AFB, it coordinates all restoration activities with base leadership and various offices to promote soil and groundwater cleanup and support the base mission.

To receive up-to-date information on progress of the ERP, you can get onour mailing list forThe Guardian; the Travis AFB Environmental Restoration newsletter that is mailed each quarter to interested community members. We also send out an electronic version of the newsletter (theE-Guardian) for those with Internet access who want to save paper and get the newsletter sooner. Tell us you want to be added to the mailing list of either the paper or electronic version byemailing us.

Your participation in the Travis AFB environmental cleanup program is welcomed! The following links provide additional information to assist interested community members in understanding how they can participate in the Travis AFB ERP.

Events- Click here for a listing of current news, access to past environmental restoration newsletters,and upcoming opportunities for your participation as described in the 2018 Travis AFB Community Relations Plan Update.

RAB Questionnaire - Would you like to help us with the next Community Relations Plan Update? Just answer the questions in the 2016 RAB questionnaire (a fillable PDF file) and send this form to our email address.

Travis Air Force Base hosts a rich eco-system within Solano County. There is an ongoing environmental cleanup program here to reduce the risk of chemical exposure, and protect human health and the environment. This program is called theEnvironmental Restoration Program(ERP).

Volunteer staff at the McClellan and Beale AFB RAOs will see walk-ins fully vaccinated for COVID. In consideration of your health and safety and that of our volunteers, we request you wear a mask when you come in for assistance.

The mission of the Retiree Activities Office is to provide a continuous update of information helpful to the Air Force retirees who reside in our assigned area of responsibility. Further, to mobilize retirees and provide volunteer assistance to active-duty organizations that require such help. To also provide assistance to those retirees in need by staffing a Retire Activities Office with volunteer retirees who are capable of responding to questions posed by retirees and their dependents on a daily basis.

'We reviewed COVID infection, hospitalization, and empty ICU bed capacity rates for Solano County. Due to the current spike in COVID 19 Delta variant infections, we have decided not to hold a Retiree Appreciation Day this year. The major factor influencing the decision is the health and well-being of our local retiree and active duty community members. This decision was a hard call we had to make; however, we feel it 's in the best interest of the community at large. We sincerely hope we can hold the event in 2022.'

ALPENA, Mich. Nearly 400 Airmen from the 60th Air Mobility Wing at Travis Air Force, California, deployed to the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, Michigan, from April 9-14, for Exercise Roundel Perun 22-01, a large readiness exercise meant to test the 'fly-away' method of employing forces.

'The fly-away exercise is a concept of operations, of actually employing every function that our base hasaway from home station to operate in a foreign location with all of our equipment, personnel and forces available to execute our global mobility mission,' said Lt. Col. Tyler Marcotte, Travis ' inspector general and exercise assistant controller.

'We have a lot of new folks doing this for the first time out of Travis,' Marcotte said. 'It 's unique that we have a lot of personnel working with each other that normally wouldn 't do so on a normal basis at home station.'

'What that really gets after, in my book, is everyone being willing to step up and do someone else 's job,' said Col. Ryan Garlow, 60th AMW vice commander, and commander of Viking Air Base, the simulated operating location for the exercise.

For example, Staff Sgt. Casey Bonillas, 60th Logistics Readiness Squadron ground transportation specialist, was roomed with the non-commissioned officer in charge of fuels operations during the exercise and noticed his roommate coming in late after working 14 to 15 hour days.

According to Bonillas, he and his counterpart for the exercise, Tech. Sgt. Randy Ahlers, a 60th LRS ground transportation specialist, took it upon themselves to help with fuels operations when their shuttle service was underutilized.

'Tech. Sgt. Ahlers and myself were able to help mitigate some of that overtime that they 're (fuels operations) working by fueling the trucks up,' Bonillas said. 'So their driver just has to swap vehicles at the fill station and then bring it back out to the aircraft.'

Along with exploring the MCA concept, the wing inspection team used the LRE to evaluate multiple functional areas/sections and their relevant core tasks related to the exercise, as stated by Maj. Chris Cummings, the LRE lead planner and main executioner of Roundel Perun.

'Exercises of this scale ensure we fine-tune the techniques, tactics, and confidence to ensure we are ready for the next fight,' Garlow said. It was incredible to see all of our teams working together through the challenges we faced this week.

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