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Miguel Jaimes
2 years ago
(Translated by Google) I had an appointment at 11:00 a.m., I decided to arrive at 10:40 a.m. in case the front desk needs to do some paperwork, the person who received me does not know the word education, he did not say good morning, much less how can I help you, just he asked my name and told me to sit down, 40 minutes later I asked why he was still waiting and one of the assistants came out to tell me that my online appointment is not coordinated with the office appointments and that I will have to wait until the doctor is free to make me an evaluation and give me an appointment for another day. I do not understand why they have not told me this from the beginning, if I do not ask because I had more than 40 minutes waiting they do not tell me all this, making me waste my time which is already disrespectful, incidentally sitting in a waiting room without A /C and the laptop they put in didn't work either, which was the worst, definitely 01. This place has gotten a lot worse. (Original) Tenia una cita a las 11.00 am, decidi llegar a las 10.40 en caso de que el front desk necesitara hacer algun tramite, la persona que me recibio no conoce la palabra educacion, no dijo buenos dias y mucho menos en que le puedo servir, solo pregunto mi nombre y me dijo que me sentara, 40 minutos despues pregunte porque todavia estaba esperando y una de las asistentes salio a decirme que mi cita on line no esta coordinada con las citas de la oficina y que debere esperar hasta que la doctora se desocupe para hacerme una evaluacion y darme una cita para otro dia. No entiendo porque no me han dicho esto desde el principio, si no pregunto porque tenia mas de 40 minutos esperando no me dicen todo esto, haciendome perder mi tiempo lo cual ya es un irrespeto, de paso estar sentado en una sala de espera sin A/C y el portatil que han puesto tampoco funcionaba, que de lo peor, definitivamente 01. Este lugar ha desmejorado muchisimo.

Mariana Villanueva
2 years ago
Unprofessional front desk, I walked in just to laugh how the front desk gave my forms to another patient. She doesn't even ask for the patients name! They rushed me inside to wait at the hall way because my room wasn't even ready. Two medical assistant inside one room, one doesn't even greet you she walks in and out the room I'm inside a very small room with two medical assistant who don't even greet you. One interrupts the conversation of todays visit. I was being charged for x ray almost $100 for the x ray when I only went to do a cleaning but because my insurance pays for it completely I don't have to pay out of pocket anything and that's why they wanted to charge me for x ray because my insurance only covers 20% of the x ray- If I only went to clean my teeth I don't need x ray!!!! The medical assistant are unprofessional and the front desk claimed to gave me my license after I asked for my license a couple of times she didn't even apologize she kept insisting she had gave it to me after I asked a couple of times she handed it to me it was on the printer all this time my license. The medical assistant comments to the front desk I have no money, that's so rude keep your comments to yourself, I went in to get my teeth cleaned because my insurance covers it by 100% I did not go to do x rays. This place is a mess. You staff needs to get it together. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE THUMBS DOWN

Atsushi Okawara
2 years ago
Non-professional. Worst experience ever. Everything is getting worse. Rip off.

Fabiane Valduga
2 years ago
Horrible place and service, be away! Not only expensive but the attendants are neglected, there's 3 weeks I requested my x-ray and nothing yet and think they are right not sending it...I'll report them to the health plan also.

Rita Mann
2 years ago
The administrative staff is super friendly and professional. They truly go above and beyond to accommodate my schedule when it comes to monthly orthodontic adjustments for the kids and cleanings

blackstar renee
2 years ago
I used to go to Sage for a few years and apart from a few bumps here and there (like the hygienist not speaking Englsh and being too rough on my gums), I was generally ok with the place, Lily was a nice, friendly manager. However, they have changed the staff and the new person Dominik who's supposed to be the manager is among the rudest, most unprofessional employees I've dealt with in a customer/business setting. I complained about her to their corporate office, but I don't believe anything was done about her behavior. All they did was drop me as a patient. It's really shameful that a place like that can be considerate a health care provider, they don't care about any of that, only the money. PS- do not send me a robot generated reply, that only comes to reinforce how your customer service sucks.

Lex Miller
2 years ago
Predatory!! They just want you to do the most expensive thing they can get you for. Refuse to listen to what you want to do, or work with you for your price range. Their office is dirty and some of their instruments are literally rusty!

Mel L
2 years ago
The costumer service is very poor. I spoke with 4 different people, 3 in English and 1 in Spanish. They transfer you to the next one and the next one because they tell you to wait for an answer and they just transfer your to someone else without asking for that. In two times they hanged up on me. And I called this clinic to make an appointment with them for a specific service and even a lady took all of my details and after that told me to wait, just to end up transferred to a new lady who also asked me for my details 'in order to give me the information I needed to know'. Not efficient at all, poor customer service, don't answer your questions, and they leave you waiting for minutes just to end up hanging up on you.

2 years ago
I just want to say... that this place is simply AMAZING. I gotten amazing services, and my teeth feels brand new. I will share this place to all of the friends and family and how good it was. I WILL be coming back again. Keep up the good work.

Mark Sobocienski
2 years ago
Been going here for many years, even after moving 30 minutes to downtown. Very friendly, and great thorough cleaning.

Danielle Burkhardt
2 years ago
Such friendly and caring staff! Always a good experience visiting sage dental

Grace Hill
2 years ago
I wish I could give this place zero stars. Terrible place. It seems as though they don't really care about your oral health, but about the money they can take either from your insurance plan or from the "plan" that they offer. They are not clear and up-front about their prices and about their practices. I went for a cleaning, but I was never told up-front that they don't do cleanings the same day as the exams. I wasted my time with a doctor that was rude and didn't know how to explain things in a clear way. Totally incompetent. Please do your research and ask A LOT of questions before deciding to check your oral health in this place.

2 years ago
I was not admitted until 1 hour later, and the office had no AC. It was almost impossible to be in there. Then obviously because they are running late all day my cleaning felt quite rushed and rough (my gums hurt more than usual). The cleaning is amazing, only reason I gave 3 stars and not 1.

Meg O'Donnell
2 years ago
Best dental work I've ever had done in my life highly trained professional dentist. they also give away great goodie bags

Laure-Anne Baillon
2 years ago
A pleasure to go to Sage dental! Nice people, doing amazing job!

2 years ago
i have a bad experience with this company when I went today with my appointment and the lady Dominique she say she's manager she say you no confirm the appointment , I called you no answer, send text you no confirm you lost the appointment today . when every six month almost more the four year I want the same place without call without send text without answer because I already have my appointment . I when today and Dominique told me no you don't know how the appointment because you are not confirm she was anti-professional I can't believe the worst attention I had and this people is the new management I can't believe it take the other manager out when she was very friendly im very professional with the people very anti-professional this new people . now I need to change the company and the doctors wow Im still in shock .

Jacqueline Kolb
2 years ago
Always professional and courteous! On time and clean.

Layla Cavitt
2 years ago
Unfortunately wasn't able to get my semiannual cleaning because there was an insistence on paying for services such as a gingival wash for an extra $140 that I didn't want and weren't covered by insurance. Unable to speak to the dentist to discuss the unnecessary service. I left the office with no more than X-rays. I wasn't given adequate care. I wish that could be changed.

Valentina Cordero
2 years ago
Wont recommend.

Ken Elsesser
3 years ago
Literally The Best Dentist Office I Have Ever Been To.... The Staff In The Office Are Above & Beyond and Extremely Nice and Caring... 100% Leaving With A Big Smile

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