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Premier Dental - General dentist in Merrillville, IN
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Premier Dental - General dentist in Merrillville, IN

Dr. Anthony Brucci started his childhood dream of becoming a dentist at Arizona State University, where he majored in biology. Next, he graduated with honors from the University Of Louisville, Kentucky and received his D.M.D (Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry) in 1994. After his board certification from Indiana State University in May 2000, Dr. Brucci joined the practice of Premier Dental Group. He is an active member of the Chicago Dental Society and the American Dental Association, as well as local dental societies.

Dr. Brucci is well versed in all areas of general dentistry but has developed a special interest in implants and restorative dentistry. His philosophy on patient care is providing quality care that is cost-effective. He has opened his dental office to students in need of externships, as well as to college students who might be interested in dentistry as their career path. In addition, Dr. Brucci also has donated and is continually working with The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped.

Dr. Brucci has been married to his wife, Roseanne, for 17 years and has three beautiful daughters: Ava, Nina, and Sophia. He resides in Elmhurst, Illinois, where he enjoys fishing, golf, and spending quality time with his family.

Premier Dental - General dentist in Merrillville, IN

Dr. Fadi Akhras was raised in a medical family. His father is a surgeon, brothers are physicians, and his sister is a pharmacist. Doctor Akhras completed his dental education at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine in Massachusetts. He received his training in orthodontics at the University of Buffalo New York School of Dentistry. Doctor Akhras is a member of the local and national orthodontic societies.

Dr. Akhras is married and has two young children. When he is not working, he likes to spend his time playing tennis and jogging. He also enjoys watching sports and traveling. Since Doctor Akhras started practicing orthodontics in the Chicago land area, he has helped hundreds of patients achieve great results with beautiful smiles that should last a lifetime!

Premier Dental - General dentist in Merrillville, IN

Dr. Amer Atassi has specialty training in placing dental implants and periodontics (gum treatment). He received his dental degree from Tufts University, Boston in 1996. He finished one year of Advanced Education in Dentistry at the University of Michigan. Then he pursued 3-year specialty training in periodontics (gum specialty) and dental implants at Louisiana State University. Dr. Atassi has two masters degrees, and he is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.

Dr. Atassi has published many articles and lectured about dentistry in many international conferences. He lives in Burr Ridge with his wife and two children; Aya and Nure-Dean. He is interested in world history and anthropology. His major hobbies are calligraphy and philately (stamp collecting). He enjoys many sports including biking, archery, and badminton.

Premier Dental - General dentist in Merrillville, IN

Dr. Chernara Baker received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry, where she received the Excellence in Dentistry Award. During her time in dental school, she co-founded the first student chapter of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry and was a leader in the Universitys Student National Dental Association (SNDA) chapter. She also was a member of the Community Advisory Council to the Urban Health Program (CAC-UHP), a program sponsored by the University to encourage the participation of minority students in the health sciences fields.

A native Chicagoan and graduate of Whitney Young Magnet High School, Dr. Baker has been actively involved in public health initiatives targeting underserved communities throughout her medical career. She organized a student-run dental practice at Goldies Place, a local support center providing dental care to the Chicagoland homeless population, and participated in the Intercambio Cultural Maya (ICM) medical outreach program in rural Mexico and Guatemala, where she provided pro bono dental services to indigenous communities. Dr. Baker is the recipient of the Lewis Exium Scholarship Award and Smith Barney Mercantile Award and was featured in NDIGO magazine after being recognized as a rising community influencer by the BOSS Network.


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2 years ago
Top notch facility, they have latest equipment and a very caring staff. Dr. Brucci strives to put his patients at ease

LaDell Scott
2 years ago

Katrina Lackhouse
2 years ago
Sent my husband to collections when I had worked for them for SEVEN years. Didn't even reach out via phone call to help solve the matter. Never work here and never get dental work done here either. It hurts my heart so bad that they would even do that.

Bb Marie
2 years ago
Literally takes 2-3 hours ever time I come you sit in the waiting room for 2 hours. They over book and make you appointment, but see you hours after your scheduled time .

Alexus Escobar
2 years ago
I rate them a 3 because I have been with them for about a year now and they seem to never be on time. I have multiple visits because I have kids and every time it ran 45min to 1:15 behind. So plan on spending a good 2 to 3 hrs for something as simple as a cleaning. I will give them this they do have nice people and seem to know what they are doing. That is the only thing keeping me for the moment.

Qiana Rae
2 years ago
I went to this office on March 5, 2014 to get braces put on in order to correct an overbite and close 3 spaces in the back (nothing very noticeable and I wish I would've left things as they were). It was supposed to be an 18-24 month long treatment, which meant I should've been done, and happy with a great smile by March 2016. The orthodontist at that time was James Wasilewski who was evidently a general dentist who supposedly had a certificate to do orthodontic work. When the 24 months came to an end I continued to have monthly appointments and it became very clear that the doctor wasn't very confident in his work. I still had an overbite and none of the spaces were closed. I didn't know what he had even done during those 24 months besides spreading all of my teeth apart and bringing them back together. At the end, he kept asking ME if I thought it was time to take the braces off, and was there anything else that needed to be done. At that time I should've filed a complaint with the board of dentistry, but hindsight is 20/20. He removed the braces in October 2016, with the overbite and spaces still there. I was later fitted for a retainer that never fit, and a couple of months later, I went in for a retainer check and was informed that Dr. Wasilewski was no longer there, and there was a new orthodontist there who had to recheck all of the orthodontic patients. This orthodontist's name is Fadi Akhras. He and his traveling team checked my teeth and said I needed retreatment..... another 18-24 months in braces. They then tried to tell me I would have to pay again, until I rejected that and told them that was absolutely unacceptable when I had already paid $5500, and it wasn't my fault that it wasn't done right the first time. They then left the room and came back and said that I wouldn't have to pay anything. The braces were put back on, and here I am today. February 25,2022, six more years later, a total of eight years with braces on my teeth without any idea of when this doctor feels they will be ready to come off. Last time I asked, he said a few more months. That was over two years ago. I just asked at my last appointment a couple of weeks ago and he looked shocked when I said I had been in them for eight years. He's nice, but I'm not sure if he even knows one patient from the next and realizes how long their treatment has been. How something that's supposed to take no more than two years becomes over eight years is a mystery to me, but this is my life and getting an attorney is way past due. All this is to to say, if you or your kids need braces, don't go to Premier Dental. Better yet, if your teeth aren't that bad, leave them alone.

Abigail I
2 years ago
I have been going here since I returned to the area. They have always done a great job.

Camilla Eastland
2 years ago
This is THE WORST dental office EVER!!! The staff is nice/polite but they DO NOT use proper universal precautions to ensure that your procedure is sterile/clean. I brought my 17 year old son to Premier Dental for a routine root canal. I was very disappointed to see that, other than the staff wearing masks, there are NO other covid 19 precautions. Although there are plenty of signs posted stating that wearing a mask is mandatory no one in the lobby was wearing a mask nor were they asked to put on a mask. The dental assistant (Allison) came into the procedure room, with gloves on already, and began to clean her area as we waited for the dentist to enter the room. Once the dentist entered the room she attempted to assist him with my son's procedure still wearing the same dirty gloves. I had to ask her to please change her gloves. Also, during 3D digital imaging of my son's teeth, she used a probe that had just been sitting on top of the machines keyboard. I asked her if the probe was clean and she told me that the probe had been previously sterilized in another room. I told her that now that the probe is loosely sitting on top of the keyboard it is NO LONGER considered sterile or even clean. Once she was done using the probe she used a dry guaze to wipe the probe, keyboard and computer monitor down as if she was "cleaning it". During the process of placing the permanent filling and temporary cap on my son's tooth, Allison asked him to hold the cap down with his own index finger. At what point is it ever ok to ask a patient to put there finger in there mouth? Especially during a pandemic!!!! I never saw the assistant OR the dentist wash their hands 1 time during the entire visit although the dentist was going in and out of procedure rooms seeing patients. The dentist also walked in and out of the procedure room several times with dirty gloves on and did not change gloves. If your goal is to have a professional clean dental visit my best advice would be to drive right on pass Premier Dental!!!

Dawn Syrovatka
3 years ago
They were absolutely amazing! Dr Baker was awesome. My daughter needed all 4 wisdom teeth out. We got right in and she had them out in no time. Everyone there was so friendly. Definitely thinking of switching dentist!

3 years ago
I recently had a wonderful experience having my teeth clean at premier dental . Marissa was the hygienist and she was very gentle an did a excellent job! The wait wasn't long an the staff was were really nice. I will definitely be back in 6 months!

Karen Dix
3 years ago
Visit went better than expected. Marissa was very nice, patient and professional!!!

Elaine Gantt
3 years ago
Marissa is the best Hygienist.. She is gentle and caring. Premier Dental employees are very professional and make you feel comfortable.

Jess burke (angel2476)
3 years ago
I had the absolute worst experience with these women Shelly not only lied about calling to cancel on us but lied about sending us to another place that never even hear of us, also they ( the other women) in the office helped her lie. I will be getting in contact with their company to make a complaint.

Anonymous Review
3 years ago
They replaced my filling with a porcelain one and after telling the woman it felt too large she says it's from my mouth being numb ( BTW Dental assistants do these fillings). Not even a week later it chipped, they repair but say I will now need a crown. I am in pain and afraid to go back in fear they will mess up again... ughhh... it's so hard to find a good dentist that will not leave you traumatized.

Derek Duso
3 years ago
Beware, if you are setting up an appointment soon this year during this "pandemic", they will try charging your insurance, if any, for covid-19 fee. And if your insurance don't cover it, they will send you the balance that you owe. It cost $25 for this fee and you can't waive it or deny it. So expect this fee within 3 month after your appointment or go else where like aspen since they don't do this fee. And no, they DO NOT let you know about this fee upfront. Only until you get a bill statement in the mail.

M Scott
3 years ago
ALWAYS late for pediatric dental appointments. They will NEVER see you at your scheduled appointment time if you're bringing your child. Looking for a new dentist as we speak. This is absolutely ridiculous & unacceptable. They're full of excuses.

Angel Calliway
3 years ago
My family and I have been going Premier for the last few years. The customer service is terrible. My young daughter had an appt for teeth cleaning. The tech cleaning her teeth was rushing through her teeth cleaning! I'm watching as my daughter is clutching her chair from the pain, but obviously as a child she could not advocate for herself and I asked the technician to slow down a little she was in pain. She never acknowledged me or my complaint! I then told the Dr when he came to check behind her and again!!! Completely dismissive! I still returned for a cleaning for myself and was told I needed a deep cleaning, well, no problem, but then she told me the fee and I was short by about 4 dollars n some change. She said I had to have the whole amount and for me- still no problem, but the office manager didn't just inform me of the cost she attempted to financially shame me by basically announcing to the entire office the fee and that I didn't have the full amount and needed to reschedule. PEOPLE! What ever happened to HIPPA!! You know the law that states that patients are / should have medical privacy!!! How is that law being used in this office if you're announcing EVERYTHING about my visit to the entire office! I switched to another office that requested my last X-ray from Premier and of course I paid the fee got my records and made a formal complaint with the office manager, you know the one- long blonde crinkly hair, stank attitude, dismissive with a smile- yeah her, and of course again completely dismissive. I'm sure they didn't care that I withdrew myself and children from their office, but a google review cannot be ignored.

Sam Davis
3 years ago
Shelly is by far the worst. She rude and her customer service skills is unexceptable. I been going there for over 20+ years. There is no way any should ever be sent something to collections without a break down and notice. I have always paid my bill on time. Me and my entire family will not be attending there anymore. I will be reporting this to the BBB. When I ask to speak to someone higher up she stated no. I'm like I know you didn't hire your self. I will be sharing my experience with the world. Ill see them in small claims court.

Winter L
4 years ago
I will not take my child if it was free again. My Son went here for braces they switched orthodontist in the middle of his care they were very unprofessional never warned of this change or gave us no options to choose for his care, our bill was paid in full. We were here for three years on the way to an appointment our car broke down we called them within an hour to let them know we were on the side of the road and couldn't make it, and they charged us $100 for not making it to that appointment. "What !!" No warning of this rule if you miss your appointment. I asked what about emergency but that didn't matter. Don't pay your bills off before time, because I guess this is how they get extra money.If this is how they treat their long-term customers who paid even before the braces was off, well be careful! I'll leave the rest up to you.

Kathleen Dillon
4 years ago
Great staff and Dr Weber was amazing!! Love love love it here

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