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At Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry our commitment is providing our patients with the highest level of dental care in a calm, compassionate and caring environment. Every member of our dental team is united by this steadfast vision. Our doctors expertise is a result of their dedication to the highest caliber of dental research and education. Our connections with our patients and our dental team is an expression of the high value we place on relationships. At Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry, our strength lies in what drives our team, the pursuit of excellence and commitment to establishing strong relationships.

Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry is a Dental Practice for the whole family! We love seeing patients of all ages. Our doctors are highly skilled in treating a wide range of dental conditions and have advanced training in many areas of dentistry including Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Our commitment is to ensure our patients experience exceeds their expectations. We value educating our patients about their oral health and the prevention of dental disease. Our goal is to collaborate WITH you to determine a treatment that is tailored to your needs and your goals for your health. We take our time, which allows us to deliver high quality dental treatment in a calm, gentle and compassionate environment.

Our practice is truly a Family Practice and has been serving our community for almost four decades. Originally founded by Dr.Leland and Mary Porteous in 1983, theirdaughter Dr. Pamela Porteous-Burke and her husband Dr. Matthew Burke purchased the practice in 2010. Dr. Pam felt like she was returning home! From a young age she had spentthe greater part of her childhood and adolescenceworking in the dental office. The longevity of care does not end with ourdoctors. Both of our amazingoffice managers have been a part ofthe practice for over 20 years. Our nurturing dental assistants have been a part of the team for over ten years and one of our excellent dental hygienists started out as a dental assistant for our practice over 15 years ago! At Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry we have been blessed with treating generations of patients. It's a gift being able to know and provide dental care for a grandparent, a parent and a child.

At Porteous and Burke Family Dentistry, we knowthe loyalty and longevity of relationships we have with our dental team reflect ourcommitment to dental excellence, our commitment to our patients and our practice. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you!

'I have been going to this dentistry for over 25 years and I LOVE the Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry because they make you feel like family. Once when you walk in, they are always full of smiles and makes you feel welcome. I am not just saying that because my family and I have been going to them since I was 5 (originally owned by Pam 's dad) and I am planning on continuing to go even thought I live in Fairfield now. I am saying it because they truly care about their patients!'

Dr. Matthew Burke grew up in Alta Loma, CA where he competed in wrestling, swimming and water polo for his high school. Dr. Burke graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Brigham Young University. Dr. Burke then attended the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry where he was a member and house representative for the Psi Omega Dental Fraternity. Graduating in the top of his class, Dr. Burke completed a hospital residency program at the Mare Island VA Dental Clinic where he received advanced training in Implantology, Full Mouth reconstruction, removable and fixed prosthodontics, oral sedation, oral surgery, pediatric, general and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Matt and Dr. Pam share a passion for community dental care. Together they have volunteered with the Flying Doctors and Christian Medical and Dental Association providing dental care to underserved communities in Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya and California.

For Dr. Pamela Porteous-Burke, becoming a dentist has been a greater gift than she ever could have imagined. Dr. Pam finds joy and fulfillment inthe relationships createdwithher patients and her team. As a student, Dr. Pam always enjoyed and excelled at academics. She is highly detailed by nature but lovescreativity and artistry. Dentistry has become theperfectexpression of combining science with art to create beautiful, natural and healthy smiles. Dr. Pam is grateful for her patients, her team andher profession. It's a true gift to love what you do.

Dr. Pamela Porteous-Burkereceived her B.S. in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she graduated with highest honors and was selected for membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Dr. Porteous-Burke attended the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry, and again graduated at the top of her classwith highest honors. Shewas electedinto the prestigiousOKU Dental Honor Society.During her time at UCSF, Dr. Pam was awardedthe Rainers Grant from the UCSF School of Medicine for her Oral Health Research in Laikipia, Kenya. Dr. Pamcompleted her hospital residency at the San Antonio VA Hospital where she received advanced and extensive training in Implantology, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Removable and Fixed Prosthodontics, Invisalign, oral sedation, pediatric, general and cosmetic dentistry.

Diana was a patient for several year before she joined the team in 2000 after completing a program to work in health administration. She is thankful to work with the team she entrusted with the care of her family and friends. She takes pride in helping herreveredteam help create a positive, caring environment where patients can experience the exceptional service they deserve. Diana thrives on being part of a team that focus on education, patient health and prevention while providingcosmetic dentistry.

Sheloves using her knowledge and expertise to help patients coordinate their dentaltreatment, schedules,insurance and finances to achieve optimal dental health and amazing smiles. Questions are welcomed! When she is not with her work family, Diana loves to spend time with family and friends, entertaining, boating, yoga,working on her house, going to Raider Games and traveling the world.

Liz Couch RDH, MS received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology fromCal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She received her Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA. Liz went on to earn her Master of Science in Dental Hygiene from the University of California, San Franciscowhere she researched the oral health perceptions of pediatric palliative care nursing staff caring for children with life-limiting illnesses.

She is dedicated to helping improve access to oral care in vulnerable and underserved populations throughout the world. She has volunteered with the US Navy, The Bodhi Tree Foundation and other organizations providing oral health education and care in Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia and California.

Currently, Liz serves as the UCSF Dental Alumni Association Secretary and is an active member of the American Dental Hygienists Association and California Dental Hygienists Association. She is a part-time faculty member at Foothill College where she supervises RDA students in the UCSF Dental Clinic. Liz is committed to life-long learning and is continually striving to provide her patients with the best and most current oral health education and care.

Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry - General dentist in Rodeo, CA

MaryWong is a Bay Area native, born and raised in San Francisco, and also known to be a passionate dental hygienist.Maryhas worked in the dental field for 17 years; 5 of which was dedicated to being a Registered Dental Assistant for a General Dental Practice, which included but not limited to Cosmetic, Periodontic, and Oral Surgery Specialties.

Since the very beginning ofMarys dental career, she enjoyed dentistry so much so she found herself inspired and determined to become a dental hygienist. After putting herself through one of Californias top hygiene programs at Foothill College,Maryachieved an Associate's of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. It has since been 12 years thatMary has served the community as a professional hygienist, and continues to provide quality care in a compassionate, comfortable, friendly, and sincere approach. In order to balance work and personal life,Maryenjoys spending time with her son, watch TV series such as The Resident, CSI, and Scandal. Her favorite food is Korean BBQ, and her dream vacation is to Tahiti Islands.

Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry - General dentist in Rodeo, CA

Jazmin Rivera-Barba works as a Hygienist at Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry and has 21yrs of dental experience. She started as a dental assistant with Dr. Leland Porteous then left to pursue a career as an oral and maxillofacial surgery assistant where she worked for 14+ yrs. She returned to school to become a dental hygienist and received an Associate degree in Dental Hygiene from Diablo Valley College in 2016. Upon graduation, she was the recipient of the leadership award from California Dental Hygiene Association and the recipient of the Student Total Achievement Recognition Award from Colgate. After 16+yrs she has returned as a dental hygienist to the office where it all began 21yrs ago and is enthusiastic about helping patients achieve excellent oral health. Jazmin was born and raised in the bay area and when shes not in the office she can be found volunteering at CDA Cares or with her husband of 19yrs enjoying watching their three children play baseball!

Porteous & Burke Family Dentistry - General dentist in Rodeo, CA

I have been in the Dental field for fifteen years. I started in this office in 2004 working for Leland Porteous, and continued working for doctors Pam Porteous- Burke and Matt Burke when they took over the practice. The most rewarding part of my job is meeting and helping patients whether it be an emergency or seeing them attain the perfect smile.

I live in Hercules, CAwith my husband Yonas. In my spare time I love doing anything that allows me to be outdoors. Whether it be vacationing somewhere new or sitting outside on my porch. Where there is sun, you will find me. When I'm not with my work family, I love spending time with my huge family at home, especially with my 10 nieces and nephews


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Gail Cocherell
2 years ago
They always strive to make my visits comfortable. Very good work in my mouth. Gail Cocherell

julia manzanares
2 years ago
Best dentists in all the land!

2 years ago
The office has a calm and happy ambiance. The staff is awesome. I also appreciate the convenient location with ample parking.

Kory Arnold
2 years ago
Being someone who absolutely hates having to go to the dentist, I have to say that this practice makes it much much easier. They are all incredibly nice and all very gentle. Even the most invasive procedures are done with minimal discomfort. They really know what they're doing and it shows. Communication is also something that really stands out with how thorough they explain things and listen to concerns with compassion.

Mallory McHone
2 years ago
This was an amazing experience for me! Everyone there was extremely friendly. I usually get so nervous going to the dentist, but dr. Pamela was so great! She Was so genuine and attentive. She is the best oral doctor by far!!

sandra hernandez
2 years ago
From the moment I walked in they made me feel welcomed. My cleaning went so well Jasmine was amazing, super understanding and great at what she does. She made me feel at ease specially after I told her how I suffer from anxiety when at the dentist.

Sarah Rickles
2 years ago
This place is the reason I have to take anxiety meds when I see the dentist now. As a young woman I felt like the doctor was very dismissive of pain he caused. Probably because I was a young woman. A specific experience was he told me to raise my hand if it hurt while he was doing a filling. I don't think the local block was working great. He hit a spot that was incredibly painful. I raised my hand. And instead of stopping, he instructed his nurse to hurry up. I was an adult with tears streaming down my face. I made him stop and informed him that all I needed was a minute to compose myself. This was one of many negative experiences. I have since been to compassionate dentists and now see this place was not. (To add details, Dr. Porteous was my dentist as a child/young adult. I have not been a patient there in a very long time. Maybe their patient care has improved)

Jenny Krishnan (jennyusagi)
2 years ago
Friendly and responsive as always. And really good at fulfilling requests, like getting reminders via text so I can arrive 3 minutes early instead of 10 late, even with my ADHD. Edit: The kiddo also likes how fun and friendly everyone is and they were great about accommodating us to find non-mint stuff.

Lisa Alvarez
2 years ago
I needed a lot of work done because I don't like going to the dentist. My brother in law owns his own dental lab and he told me this place was really good. He knows how picky I am. He said "trust me you will be comfortable here." He was rite! We did my work in sections. I would wait for my insurance to get replenished. He never ever made me feel pressured into getting something done that I wasn't ready for. Whatever pace I needed to go with was fine with him. He would just walk me through each step. It took 2 years to finish everything, because that is what I was comfortable with. The whole experience was really amazing. Now I will never wait this long again. Now that all my work is complete. I'm going to make sure I get my cleanings and I stay on top of it.

David Johnson
2 years ago
The Porteous & Burke Family dental group does excellent work. They are very professional, making their patients feel welcome and comfortable.

Bryan Johnson
2 years ago
I've been getting my dental work done at Porteous & Burke for nearly 10 years. Jasmine and Matt are awesome and truly cares about their patients. I recently had to change dental coverage which covers a lot less, But the work they do there is so good that my heart is content. Thank you porteous And Burke. Your the the best.

2 years ago
Love this office so much! Everyone is amazing, sweet, funny and competent. Shout out to Diana, Melissa, Jazmine, Ganet and Dr Matt. Your crew is the best. Thank you 20+ years of dentistry.

james C
2 years ago
I found out I broke a cap on my tooth. New to the area walked into the dentist office very nice people customers actually speaking highly of the dentist.. Met the dentist he was very helpful very explanatory very honest and true to believe every word he said excellent guy. I lost my dentist about a year and a half ago to pregnant and paternity leave LOL plus I moved. Excellent guy found my new dentist very happy with him.

Jason Mccluney
2 years ago
I broke a filling over the weekend so I called them first thing this morning. I was given an appointment for 3:30 this afternoon. Always so friendly and accommodating. I've never had a bad experience here. I highly recommend them, prove me wrong!

Dan Pierce
2 years ago
Great service and friendly staff. And they have maintained their level of care for over the 20 years I've been going there. I cannot recommend them enough.

Claudia Avalos
2 years ago
Love P&B! Jasmine was so careful after I told her I have super sensitive teeth. She took her time and did not rush and was very patient with me ! Love the dentists and will highly recommend this office. My husband will be transferring here now! Cannot thank this office enough for their professionalism and thorough cleanings like no other!

Vicci Goddard
2 years ago
Love EVERYONE at my dentists office....so grateful to have the team take care of my mouth!

Jeff Mangum
2 years ago
They went above and beyond to get me an emergency appointment.....being a new patient from out of area made no difference.....thanks

Ferdie Acosta
2 years ago
The dentist listened to me explain why I was there and gave me my options. The dentist was very clear and thorough.He and the whole staff are very nice and courteous.

lazer beard
2 years ago
Always a easy friendly visit.

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