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5717 SW 75th St, Gainesville, FL 32608

Carlos Piedra and his sisters grew up in a home full of laughter. He realized at a young age the value of a smile. While attending the University of Florida dental school, his passion and purpose collided. Since then, he has worked with wee ones to wise ones to repair and renew smiles. He believes life is too short not to love your smile.

As a father to three strong and confident young women, Carlos and his lovely wife, Karen, keep the tradition alive. Time spent around the dinner table each evening is full of joy and smiles. The Piedra family is determined to place healthy smiles within reach through mobile dentistry and will soon branch out into dental mission trips and affordable dental clinics.

Kim needs a new closet. Shes got to find somewhere to store all the hats she wears. Her dental experience started 21 years ago. Since then, she has worn every hat from dental assistant, hygienist, mom, wife, superhero, office manager, chocolate taste-tester and mobile dentistry team leader. Kim holds the title, in our eyes, of one of the worlds most fantastic smiles. Youll need to keep your sunglasses on!

Madeline is a jolt of sweet southern sunshine. Shes a local girl who loves everything teeth. She knew as a little girl the path before her and began to run there. She has worked as a dental assistant but is soaring in purpose now as a hygienist. You wont get a better cleaning elsewhere or have more fun doing it than in her chair. (p.s. If she asks, lie. Tell her you floss every day or youll get the mama bear stare down.)

You will love Lonni. Her kindness and sweet personality are only matched by her belting bursts of laughter. Lonni is patient during dental procedures, helping everyone feel at ease. She spends her weekdays as Carlos' assistant but her weekends are really wild. Lonni is a thrill seeker at any amusement park she can visit.

Audrey is our creative force. Her focus is on practice development, marketing and coffee. With an eye for making things new and yet uniquely us, she keeps things fresh and pushes us to be continually benefiting patients in new ways such as membership. She is certain there is nothing she cant fix with paint and hot glue but dont worry- she knows her lane. We wont let her touch your teeth.

At Piedra Dentistry, youll have a chance to sit and talk with Carlos, on a first name basis, to discuss your dental history and concerns to establish trust prior to the start of your exam. The Piedra Advantage is personal care that puts you at ease.

We recognize the fears associated with a dental visit. We listen to you. We hear your concerns and have options such as pre-sedation and nitrous oxide ready to help you feel relaxed in our soothing environment.


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