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Every day I try my best to show how much I love doing what I do. I cant imagine, as a pediatric dentist, doing anything different. I am professional and very serious about my work, but my heart is full of emotion for the children and families I get to help. I address each persons situation as if he or shewere my closest friend, or my own child.

My passion is being able to help patients who have visited multiple dental offices in the past without getting the treatment they need. To transform a childs fear into happiness and to take himor herfrom an unhealthy mouth to optimal oral health and a beautiful smile is the most fulfilling process!

My fellow doctors and our team members are passionate about helping kids as ifthey were their own. They are compassionate and empathetic, and they love joking and laughing with children:enjoying each childs stories and the energetic way they see life!

Like all medical fields, pediatric dentistry is constantly evolving, often at a breathtaking speed. New techniques, technologies, and materials are being developed, researched, and made available to practitioners. Its my responsibility to stay current on these changes, and carefully evaluatewhat they offer todetermine whetherthey will improve the care I provide patients.

Each year I complete a range of postgraduate courses approved by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. I also attend meetings, lectures, and seminars, and read all relevant publications to stay uptodate on research findings and discussions.

After growing up in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, I came to the U.S. for my dental residencies and moved to Orlando after those were completed. My husband and I have two young children, a daughter and a son, and a sweet Yorkie, too.

My free time is centered on my family. I love taking my children to do fun things, and love being a bit of a teacher for them at home. Im an avid traveler and enjoy learning about different cultures and history. I also love exercising and enjoy photography.

I love how, as a pediatric dentist, Im able to help children and families who have felt helpless. Whether Im caring for a specialneeds patient, a child with severe dental anxiety, or a little one who refuses to stop sucking athumb, I make a difference!

Working with children, pre-teens, and teensas well as individuals with special needsmeans every day is filled with new experiences. Each patient deserves a unique care approach, and that requires us to be creative as we strive to keep everyonesmiling while theyrehere. I love the excitement on a childs face as he or shelearn ours is a fun, safe place to visit; and I love watching them grow into responsible adults who areenthusiastic about caring for their smile!

Our team is truly remarkable. We all value family and we all love kids. Although we take what we do seriously, we also believe in having fun while we work and keeping our environment upbeat and cheerful. In fact, youll often hear our team include the doctors singing along with the movies we have playing in the office!

I am committed to furthering my education constantly, strengthening my skills, and expanding the care I provide. Ive completed postgraduate coursework in sedation dentistry, aesthetic crowns, and preventive dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is essential because not every child can put on a brave face during a visit. Sedation adds a little help in the bravery department and keeps them calm and comfortable. With aesthetic crowns, Im able to create and place restorations that look virtually identical to original teeth, so the patient doesnt feel self-conscious.

Of course, preventing problems from starting, and keeping little issues from becoming big ones, is essential. Through a range of preventive care, and educating patients and parents, I help prevent future problems.

Born in New York, I was raised in South Florida and now live in Orlando. My husband Reggie and I have three children: Samaya, Avery, and Anderson. The kids are involved in many local sports, including gymnastics, football, baseball, and tennis. Yes, were kept busy getting them to practices and games!

I love playing tennismyself, and am often found at USTA in Lake Nona. I also enjoy volunteering with elementary and middle schools in the community. Our schools always need people to support the educators and students. I love seeing and interacting with my patients outside of the office. These interactions foster a sense of togetherness, sincethe children and parents see me as more than their dentist;Im also a parent, a volunteer, and yes, part of our community.

Working with children is of paramount importance to me, professionally and personally. As a pediatric dentist, there is nothing more gratifying that seeing a pediatric or special needs patient after extensive treatment happily return for follow-up visits with a healthy, happy smile.

I love having fun with my patients, making children laugh and feel comfortable throughout each dental experience. Providing continuity of care allows me to watch children grow and thrive. I love seeing each become excited about caring for his or heroral health and feel positive about seeing dental care providers.

Our team is made up of doctors and staff who are experienced andcompassionate, and have created a friendly, family-like environment. We are united as a team; weworkhard to provide the best care possible, to ensureour patients and parents are heard andrespected, and feel welcome and informed.

I was born and grew up in Northern Virginia. Orlandos been home to my family and me for several years. My husband, Dr. Payman Haft, is an ophthalmologist. We have three beautiful children: a young son and younger twin daughters; and yes, they keep us very busy!

Children are my kryptonite. I love building relationships and connecting with patients: I always care for each child as if she or hewere my own. Every child, and everyparent, soon learns that Im willing, able, and honestly want to go the extra mile to make sure everyonehasa healthy, wonderful smile.

Practicing pediatric dentistry enables me to meet so many members of our community and be part of their lives. I love when children share stories about their adventures, tell me about school or plans for a trip, and smile and hug me and tell me they like visiting our practice.

Along with my colleagues and our staff, weve created a fun, safe, comfortable office where children are listened to, respected, and cared for with compassion. All of us love helping children learn about the importance of oral health and teaching kids how to keep their smiles healthy and bright!

Right now is an exciting time to be a pediatric dentist. The constant developments in technologies, materials, and methodologies allow us to provide amazing treatment and keep smiles healthy and strong!

Since finishing my residency and starting to practice, Ive completed many hours of continuing education. Im passionate about learning and strive to stay at leading-edge of advances in pediatric dentistry.

In addition to attending local, regional, and national meetings, I regularly participate in lectures and seminars. I also read avidly about research findings and discussions of treatment processes in a range of dental journals.

I was born and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and am the daughter of Dominican parents. Im happily married and a proud dog mom of two lovely bulldogs who brighten every day. I love staying active and fit, and enjoy running, working out, dancing, eating well, and traveling the world.

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