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February has been designated Gum Disease Awareness Month! Initially launched by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, its purpose is to raise awareness about gum disease and encourage healthy dental habits to prevent it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gum disease, also referred to as periodontitis, is the result of infections and inflammation of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. In the early stages, the gums can become swollen and red, and they may bleed. As it progresses, the gums can pull away from the tooth, which can eventually result in bone and tooth loss. Not only does gum disease affect your mouth, it can affect your body as well. Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene are important to ensure everything is healthy.

Periodontal disease is mostly seen in adults, with 47.2% of those aged 30 years and older having some form of it. This risk only increases with age. On top of age, there are many other risk factors that can increase your chance of developing gum disease. One of the primary risk factors is smoking, followed by poor oral hygiene, diabetes, stress, hormonal changes and medications that cause dry mouth.

While gum disease starts in the mouth, when left untreated, it can start affecting many other parts of the body as well. This includes respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease and diabetes.


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Corey Grangier
2 years ago
Friendly staff, quick & efficient, staff are really nice!

Mackenzie Miller
2 years ago
The hygienist did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. Her name was Olivia. She was gentle and throe and told me what I needed to do and when.

Beth Rogers (Beth)
2 years ago
This place is amazing !!!!!!!!! My son needed ALOT of work took him here and they made a plan with us that was amazing since insurance didn't cover the crown he needed we were able to get a discounted rate that was 100% affordable and doable they treated us so kindly and we are definitely excited about working with them in the future !!! Everyone from the front desk to dr hedges is great and friendly and makes sure to explain everything that we're doing from start to finish!

Michael Rockwell
2 years ago
Short wait, but I was 15 min. Early. Everyone was smiling and seemed glad to be there. Something missing in todays businesses. Dr. Wright was as easy going as ever as was all the staff. A very pleasant experience overall! Takes the "Ugh" out of going to the dentist. Thanks folks!

Brittney C
2 years ago
I've had some horrible experiences before going to the dentist which is why I have put off going. I finally made an appointment with Mortenson to get my mouth back to healthy. I absolutely adore Jenna! I was embarrassed at how far south I had let my oral health go she made me feel comfortable, answered any questions I had and made my experience wonderful. Mortenson has made me excited to go back again!

Tom Wells
2 years ago
I have been going to Mortenson on 10th Street for several years. I also take my grandchildren to Kids Dentistree on 10th. I have found both places perform extraordinary services.

Katie H
2 years ago
I've been here a few times and it has been great. The most recent time I went to get a couple fillings redone and needed some extra numbing in a couple spots. After the second time of still not being numb after the dentist started he stopped and looked at me and said, "Seriously?!" and threw his tools down. He numbed a few more places and then told the hygienist to do the last two and then stormed off and didn't come back. The hygienist was amazing and did a great job and was really apologetic and nice. Not sure if he was having a bad day but makes me hesitate to get anything more than a cleaning and check up here.

Lynn Overall
2 years ago
Poor dental office. After switching offices I realize how unethical, rude & just a waste of money this place is. Do yourself a favor & find a new dentist. Especially if you don't wanna feel self- conscious about your teeth & feel you should be valued as a patient.

Shannon Pienaar
2 years ago
The staff made me feel very comfortable and were understanding that I have anxiety about going to the dentist. I will recommend Mortenson to all my family and friends.

teresa stone
2 years ago
Baley the DH is wonderful! The dentist Dr Hedges and Dr Wright are both excellent!!

Jennifer Baquerizo
2 years ago
Great service. Great people. Fast and efficient.

Samuel Lowery
2 years ago
I appreciate the communication to help me keep my scheduled appointments. Mortenson staff are very friendly and professional. I'm in and out quickly with the confidence of knowing my teeth are in good shape!

Beverly Clinton
2 years ago
I am deathly afraid of going to the dentist. they made me feel very comfortable especially with the work that I have to have done. Dentist took his time explaining the procedures. I would highly recommend as I already have.

Vinese Holt
2 years ago
I have been to this location twice so far. The staff is more than wonderful. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Plus we laugh and have a good time.

Mary Bowles
2 years ago
Kasey is always friendly, punctual, and makes me feel at ease during the visit. I am usually anxious and she talks me through the process and is patient when I need a short break.

matt rod
2 years ago
The best care I've ever recieved from a dental office.

Heather Harl
2 years ago
I love how comfortable they make you feel. Jenna takes care of me when I'm in and she's always so pleasant and friendly. I had a cavity that had to be filled. I had never had any dental work done before as I've always had good teeth. I won't lie I deal with anxiety and started to feel a panic attack coming on when it came time to have it done. Kayla made me so at ease and talked me through the whole process and made it such a wonderful experience. She knows what she is doing and is very good at it. Would definitely recommend them!

Rhonda Renfro
2 years ago
Hygenist Olivia was very pleasant and thorough. Dr. Wright explained any questions I had regarding his exam.

Melissa Dunn
2 years ago
Office staff is awesome! Dr. Bridges really cares about his patients.

Margie VanCleave
2 years ago
Kasey is the best!

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