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Dr. Amy and Dr. Leslie Nulty are twins and they were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They both received their bachelors degree in Biology from Holy Family University in 1991 and graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1995. After completing a general practice residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington D.C., they practiced in a large private practice in Leonardtown, Maryland.

I love dentistry. I enjoy the social, artistic, medical and scientific elements of dentistry that makes every day new and exciting. I decided to become a dentist after I got braces. The dentist was young and excited about his profession and it was catchy. I like providing the best possible care.

Ever since I was a teenager and had braces, I wanted to be a dentist. I love the creative and artistic parts of dentistry, as well as meeting new people. There are so many new materials and ways to treat patients that it is hard not to be excited about dentistry.

I have been with Mirror Image since our grand opening in August 2001. Since then, I have become acquainted with thousands of amazing people that I might not have met if I wasnt part of this team. My favorite part of working at our practice is seeing our new patients become old friends. I love catching up with people who are returning for their cleanings and hearing about all of their adventures in life since our last meeting.

I am a hardcore gamer. I love both the fantastic nature of stepping into the shoes of heroic characters and the ability to perform superhuman feats and go on quests that simply do not happen in real life. I also am a writer, although I have been stuck in a personal development hell that spans several incomplete novels.

I am originally from Connecticut and Long Island New York. I relocated to Florida in 1989 with my family. In May 2010 I graduated from the Edison State College Dental Hygiene Program. I joined Mirror Image Dentistry in December 2011.

Native to Florida, I was born and raised in Miami. At the age of six, I had an accident that knocked out a front tooth. Having a loving and kind dentist as a child helped me through this ordeal. He and his staff made my visits special. My goal is that ourpatients feel the same way after their experience in our office.

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