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Midwest Dental - General dentist in Belvidere, IL

Summer is the time for outdoor sports and you can protect your teeth, cheeks, gums and lips with a low-cost mouth guard. It could save you from a knocked out or chipped tooth, and it will prevent you from grinding your teeth during the big game.

No really, just dont. Weve all seen someone open a bottle with their teeth. An amazing feat? Nope, but a great way to cause micro fractures in your teeth. Using your teeth to rip open potato chip bags or to crush ice are also no nos.

The short answer is no. You most likely cannot sunburn your teeth. Shwew! Your lips on the other hand can sunburn. In fact, your lips might be the most susceptible to sunburn. Its important not to rely on regular sunscreen to protect your lips, choose a lip balm with a minimum of SPF 15. It is designed for your lips, and it will stick better. And just like with sunscreen, remember to reapply it every couple hours.

There are lots of reasons to smile all summer long. Evidence suggests that smiling reduces stress and helps your heart. So show those teeth! Brush twice a day, floss daily and smile big. You'll feel better when you do.


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Denise Nichols
2 years ago
I tried to establish as a new patient. I was patient and understanding waiting months for a first visit. They called night before to cancel 2 visits in a row. Then when I failed to see and return a confirmation, for third attempted first visit, they cancelled my visit and refused to understand or compromise. Unprofessional and unempathetic-not a good combination in the healthcare world.

Chris Swick
2 years ago
Called Midwest dental in an emergency, they politely figured out my situation got me in for an X-ray right away to check out my gums. Even got a same day cleaning by Kathy. Needless too say I was satisfied with the humor of the staff, effeteness, cleanliness and the fact that I felt cared for <3. I will be remembering this amazing dentist experience for the rest of my life, cause.. let's be honest, we all hate the dentist. Definitely will recommend this place to anyone in the Belvedere area! Personal shout out too Jen for reminding me how even the dentist can be a fun filled environment with sass and humor.

Dawn Brooks (Dawn's Craft Cottage)
2 years ago
Everyone is so wonderful and comforting. I wouldn't take my family anywhere else!

Bob Alexander
2 years ago
Everyone in the office was very nice and helpful. The young lady that cleaned my teeth was friendly, professional, thorough and made my experience very pleasant.

Annette Stone
2 years ago
I have always been fearful of dental visits, but I was very relaxed there. The work was excellent, and I will continue to have my work done there. The waiting room is lovely and all the staff are very pleasant.

Tim Gallagher
2 years ago
Clean facility. Friendly staff. On time.

Mark Zellman
2 years ago
I delayed going back to the dentist for a cleaning and general work, but they made me feel very comfortable. My visits have been without incident and actually look forward to my future visit without any trepidation. What a wonderful group!

donna campbell
2 years ago
I had a wonderful experience at this dental office and really liked the employee Denise the person that did my x rays and teeth cleaning very experienced and pleasant thank you for such a great visit!

Melanie Young
2 years ago
I was terrified of the dentist after a lifetime of negative experiences. Today I went in for x-rays and consult with Dr. Joe. Everyone was professional, polite and confident they could help. Collectively I have a team of dental professionals and a plan to actually make me smile again.

David Zinke
3 years ago
Every one was so nice and professional. The care they took was awesome.

Sarah Merrill
3 years ago
Absolutely love going here! The whole staff is amazing. Been going here for years

Donna Dassie
3 years ago
The entire staff is so friendly and caring. Dr Joe is patient and keeps you calm during your procedures. The dental assistants are very knowledgeable and take their time explaining things to you and make sure you are comfortable during your procedure.

matt figueroa
3 years ago
Dr. Joe is the best and his staff is wonderful

David Sheetz
3 years ago
Pleasantly friendly staff (especially in today's day & age). So far, it's only my 1st visit so...

Lisa A Alarcon
3 years ago
The dentist and staff have been great and very professional.

MiKayla Carroll
3 years ago
I love this office! I actually look forward to my appointments. The staff is always friendly. Ariel is always so kind and easy to talk to & Kathy is the BEST dental hygienist!! Highly recommend

Belma Schell
3 years ago
Moved here from St. Louis. I had to find a new dentist. Mom and Dad went to Dr.Joe at Midwest Dental. Unfortunately there insurance changed. So they had to find a dentist covered by there new provider. My 1st and 2nd visit for exam, ex-rays, and cleaning were exceptional. The staff and Dr.Joe were also awesome, very thorough, answering all questions and concerns. Was able to see right away. I would highly recommend...

Jorge Casasola
3 years ago
Highly recommended! Great service, caring providers, friendly and welcoming environment!

Seth Stanfill
3 years ago
Smells amazing! The blonde hygienist makes very good teeth. 10/10 can't wait for next visit.

Maria Johnson
3 years ago
Nice place but I absolutely won't go back there because of the horrifying club music they have blaring through the speakers... I couldn't get out of that place fast enough. Change or get rid of the music altogether & I'll recommend Midwest to people.

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