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1411 West Lane Rd Ste B, Machesney Park, IL 61115
Closes at 5:00pm
Monday9:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday10:00am - 7:00pm
Wednesday8:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday9:00am - 1:00pm

I believe that successful dentistry begins with patient education, and this forms the foundation for the excellent care we provide. Our patients are key players in our care team. I look forward to building long-lasting relationships with our patients and helping them enjoy the best dental experience possible.

Dr. Hamidanis residency allowed her the opportunity to gain valuable experience treating patients with complex medical needs in general practice and operating room settings. She is an active member of the Illinois State Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, and the Chicago Dental Society. Dr. Hamidani is committed to continuing education in order to provide her patients with state-of-the-art technology, procedures, and materials in dentistry. She enjoys attending the Chicago Dental Societys Midwinter Meeting every year this is a conference dedicated to networking with dental professionals from over 16 different countries and learning all about the latest professional products and instruments in dentistry.

When she isnt practicing dentistry, Dr. Hamidani enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending quality time with her little sister and adorable nieces. She has been married to her husband, Azhar for three years. Dr. Hamidani is a native Chicagoan, and shes an avid Bulls fan! She also partakes in amateur photography and photo editing, as well as learning new culinary recipes. Dr. Hamidani enjoys volunteering with community outreach programs, such as Give Kids A Smile and Missouri Mission of Mercy events.


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sarah Peltonen
2 years ago
Great experience and friendly staff.

Daniel Cowman
2 years ago
Great place to keep those pearly whites fresh. Staff is always happy and friendly but also willing to help explain in detail what is being done or needed for the future.

Duree Jaeger
2 years ago
Having my dental work done here (I'm at that age when all my old dental work is wearing away... so I need a LOT of work now). Staff is super friendly and the prices are reasonable. But what I love the most about this practice is that they participate in "free dental day" which my son took advantage of since he has no dental insurance and it's been YEARS since his last dental visit. The staff was excellent, he got a cleaning AND they drilled and filled a cavity. They had time due to no shows. Who doesn't show up for free dental work!?... 5 stars all the way!!

Doctor One
2 years ago
Poor front desk staff. Jasmine is unprofessional and does not create a welcoming experience from immediate phone call. I would recommend additional training or a complete re-staffing.

Nelson Brown
2 years ago
My visit was the absolute best! Although very observant, my mind was clouded. The receptionist knew how to lift my day and pull my head out of my... I wasn't prepared for the greeting I received. The masks were off! My hygienist has gorgeous blue eyes, yet so much was missing. The staff in front greet me every time I enter. This time, however, with beautiful glowing smiles. Great smile envy hit me like a brick to teeth. Family dental to me feels more family then dental. One should feel welcome and comfortable when opening your mouth and wallet. Everyone at MPFD picks on me! Feels like family to me. With the latest technology, tools, clean environment, and warm atmosphere, I am at ease knowing I am getting what I pay for. And although I don't get a toy anymore, I get a packet of name brand oral care products every visit. I have them at work, in my cars, and on stand by for vacation. I digress. There are many reasons for my review, but one is more of focus to me. When going to visit the website, I seen a negative post about the receptionist Jasmyn. It upset me enough to feel obligated to lift her spirit and let her know that some people can't find the light in themselves. They would rather, at the moment, try to ruin something beautiful. I Have grown with anticipation to expect Jasmyn, Whitney, and all of the employees of MPFD to be present when I visit. Jasmyn happens to be at the very front where you need someone special. Her energy is nothing short of a jolt to the everyday mundane. Kudos to who hired her, she is perfect for the position she resides. She will be missed and hard to replace should she choose a different path. I choose MPFD for my kids and myself Thank you all!!!

Michael J. Quinn
2 years ago
The staff, hygienists, and dentists are very friendly and informative. They seem genuinely interested in my dental and overall health. I'd recommend this practice to anyone!

Amy morris
2 years ago
In regards to Free Dentistry Day: What a wonderful service that they offered. The whole process was streamlined and there was very little wait time. All of the staff members were so friendly and polite. I accompanied a participant father from the Early Head Start Program and was blown away by the whole process. Many thanks to everyone that participated and made this day happen.

Sasha Bello Cruz
2 years ago
We highly recommend Machesney Park Family Dental. The staff is so noce and helpful. They saved us in an emergency and stayed late to help us. Thank you again.

Michael Winter
2 years ago
I had my first visit with Machesney Park Family Dental for their Free Dentistry Day. I had a very good experience. Since I take good care of my teeth, I was mainly interested in getting a good cleaning and an exam to see if there are any potential developing issues. I found the staff to be very friendly and professional. After a short wait I was called back to get a thorough teeth cleaning. I also received a fluoride treatment which was an unexpected bonus. I very much appreciate these services as I currently do not have dental insurance. I will still need x-rays and an exam as this was not provided. Thank you MP Family Dental!

George Esterlen
2 years ago
Everyone at Family Dental is very very friendly just to say that right off the bat they keep your anxiety very very low and keep you comfortable the doctors and the assistance are the best same with the oral hygienist. Ladies up front at billing and scheduling our wonderful.

Marilyn Johnson
2 years ago
Have always had great care. In and out quickly. Friendly staff.

Angelia Isabell
2 years ago
It was great there. The staff was very friendly and polite. They explained everything that was going to happen to me during my appointment. They went into great details to explain my care plan and the cost out of my pocket and what my insurance will cover. They made me feel very comfortable there and I enjoyed my time there. Thank you again

Darlene Woelffer
2 years ago
My teeth looks great, wish I had done this years ago.

Laura Heiting
2 years ago
Whitney is the BEST! most relaxing dental visits I've ever had. And Dr.Hamidani is awesome as well!

Pam Marino
2 years ago
This dental office is wonderful. The office manager Lyndsey is very nice and helpful. The dental assistant was great! Dr. Hamidani is a jewel. She makes you feel so comfortable and she is so very kind. Great place.

Steven Simard
2 years ago
I was running late and they were very accommodating. Everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed my appointment.

Davina Walter
2 years ago
Dr. Hamidami and her staff are very attentive and comforting.

Shaleskie Scott
2 years ago
This place cost me 900 dollars because of an error on their part not following my insurance billing and dates of active service. They offered 256 dollars credit but get this. I have to do the right side of my mouth still. The deal for that is 670 dollars. You do the math. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to go there and there is always two side to the story email so I can tell you more, oh no that wasn't it. Email me than you decide.

Chipolte Girl
2 years ago
Amazing office!! Every staff member was extremely professional and super friendly!

Carol halley HALLEY
2 years ago
Good experience staff is very helpful with my needs and was kept very comfortable

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