Langley Bowers

711 E Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 200031369

Dentistry gives me a chance to improve my patients chances of having a long, uneventful life of smiling confidently and chewing comfortably- with their own teeth! My relationships with my patients give me a chance to celebrate their successes and support their challenges. Many of my patients have been with me for years, so its really like weve grown up together. Seeing the impact a new smile, regained comfort, and sustained health can make on a patients self image and seeing the reaction of my patients the first time they look in the mirror with a new smile is what truly makes my day.

Continuing education is a big part of my professional life. I spend about 75 hours in classes every year focusing on cosmetic and restorative materials and techniques that will give my patients the best chance to get exactly what they want for their smiles and their health. Continued training invigorates me personally, giving me a chance to share ideas with the best clinicians in the country, so that I can bring those ideas home to my patients.

Ive been living upstairs above the office on Capitol Hill since 1981! Life on Capitol Hill is like that-where work, play, and community all blend together. Ive been married to my wife, Susan, since 1982, and we have two grown sons, Langley and Case. Langley is now a dentist and has joined the practice. I love to make things and will carve anything-sandcastles, wood, pumpkins, and jewelry. I also enjoy dancing, juggling,and playing tennis whenever I get a chance.

I was born and raised at 711 East Capitol Street. Capitol Hill, and the dental office, have always been my home. Like my father, I enjoy working with my hands. I have sculpted and carved and constructed things for my entire life. I see dentistry as sculpture, presenting an inextricable link between medicine and art, health and beauty. I am thrilled to be able to employ my gifts to care for our patients.

Out of college, I was an Associate Producer for the Smithsonian Channel. After four years of documentary television production, I realized that I missed working with my hands. I turned my sights to dentistry, enrolling in University of Vermonts Postbaccalaureate program to prepare for dental school. During my time in Burlington, I became heavily involved volunteering at Zeno Mountain Farm, an arts community for people with disabilities. It was at Zeno that I met my wife, Laura. I went on to study at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, the nations first and oldest dental school.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to return to Capitol Hill to serve the community that raised me. Coming home with me are my wife, Laura, our son Warren, and our daughter Bernadette. We just moved in around the corner from the practice, so I look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood. Moreover, I am excited and honored to be here to care for your smile.

In 40 years of dentistry I have never worked with a staff as experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to their patients as the team I work with now. We are committed to making your experience exceptional, bringing everything we have learned to your care.

Hi, Im Tracey and Ive been Dr. Bowers only assistant for over 25 years. I try to be very sensitive to the needs of my patients. I want to be able to provide whatever they need in order to make their time in our office as comfortable and pleasant as possible. My favorite part of my job is talking with my patients. I love the connection I have with almost all of them and I love that they feel comfortable and safe when theyre here. In the 37 years Ive worked in the dental field, Ive never worked with anyone as caring and giving as Dr. Bowers. I am so very proud to work here!

Im a single mother of two sons and a daughter who I love to spend time with. I am also an avid walker, especially when I have my dog, Bayer, with me. I am very involved in my church community of St. Augustines Catholic Church and their role in improving hunger and homelessness in and around the city.

Hello, Im Cindy and as a hygienist, I help improve our patients overall health through thorough but gentle dental cleanings and home care education. My goal is to make patients feel comfortable in the dental chair. I hope they will leave feeling more relaxed than they were when they walked in the door. Every patient is unique, has their own expectations, and deserves to be treated as the special person they are. I have worked with Dr. Bowers since 1982. The compassion he shows for his staff and patients is unparalleled. Ive been married to my husband, Kevin, since 1984. We have two children, Stephanie and Cliff, and a golden retriever named Shiloh. When I have free time I enjoy knitting, reading, swimming, riding my bike, and going to the beach.

Hey Guys! I am Infiniti. I am a mom to a super awesome boy who goes by the name of Cortez. Dentistry is my thing, but theres nothing like practicing it alongside amazing people. I am a social butterfly and I love getting to know people. I would like to say I have an elephants memory. I like to sing and dance, even though I have two left feet. Im sure youll see me tripping over my feet at least twice a day. The joy dentistry brings is beyond measure, not only because its interesting, but mainly because I love the smiles on the patients face when they finish treatment. I feel very lucky to have the ability to make others feel special about their smiles. Growing up, I had terrible dental anxiety, and from that moment forward I wanted to do something to help those coming into the dental office facing their dental fears. I really look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you guys! See you soon!

Welcome, my name is Kanene, and I am the full time dental hygienist at East Capitol Dental. I'm originally from Portland, Oregon, and moved to the area over 20 years ago to attend Howard University's dental hygieneprogram. I joined this practice in 2003 and consider this my home away from home.

I educate patients on oral health habits and make sure their teeth and gums are clean, healthy, and ready for smiling! It's wonderful when a patient takes my advice on improving their health and they see what a huge difference it makes!

While I enjoy working with the doctors and my coworkers, the highlight of my day is catching up with my patients and meeting new ones. I like to get to know what's important to my patients, learn about them, and help establish a trusting relationship with them.

For the past 38 years, people in and around DC have trusted their smiles to Dr. Larry Bowers. And this year his son Langley will joining the practice to start the next generation of exceptional care for patients on Capitol Hill. What sets us apart from other restorative and cosmetic dentists is our individualized care and personal attention.

  • We get to know our patients, and truly care about themas people. We listen to make sure that our patients get what they want for their treatment and final results. We only treat one patient at a time, so you know you are getting our full attention!
  • We take the time to give you the best experience possible!We schedule a full 60 minutes for your initial comprehensive examination with the doctor. We want to get to know you, your concerns, and have the time to make sure all your questions get answered.
  • Dr. Bowers is committed to being very accessiblein person or by phone. He is easy to reach and happy to take patients questions personally. Our entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and has been here long enough to make our patients feel like family!
  • We are known as a high quality, community focused practice with a high degree of personal service. We are the place where everybody knows your name. Dr. Bowers has a reputation for technical excellence, but just as important, he is happy to take patients phone calls and deal with them personally. Our staff has the experience and expertise to get exceptional results. We hope youll come in to meet us, and join our family of patients soon!

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