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La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA
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La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CALa Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

Growing up in San Diego, Dr. Wong knew she wanted to be an orthodontist from an early age. She enjoys getting to know each patient on a personal level and seeing the changes that happen as a new smile appears.

Working closely with each patient, she identifies the clinical and personal needs and then designs a unique treatment plan. By focusing on correcting the persons bite, shes able to boost oral health while transforming the patients appearance.

The orthodontic specialty is a constantly evolving field. Dr. Wong stays uptodate on the newest proven techniques and technology that make the patient experience more convenient, efficient, and affordable. Through regular continuing education, she learns from the leading practitioners and researchers, always honing her skills and knowledge.

She shares her life with two fur babies, her French Bulldogs Carabelli and Mochi. Carabelli enjoys snoozing, napping, sunbathing, and snoring. Mochi, whos still a rambunctious puppy, loves to eat, snack, play, and annoy his big sister!

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

As an orthodontist, Dr. Upatham is happy to help people develop brighter and healthier smiles that increase their confidence and self-esteem. He was always interested in health and science, and chose orthodontics because it allows him to make a positive impact on each patients life.

Like all areas of health care, the orthodontic specialty is constantly changing. Ongoing research leads to new technologies, methodologies, and materials, which improve the patient experience and provide ever stronger outcomes.

Dr. Upatham completes many hours of continuing education throughout the year to stay current on the latest information and treatment options. He is an active member of the Spear Study Club, in addition to being a clinical instructor in the University of Southern California Orthodontic Department.

A family man, Dr. Upatham and his loved ones live in La Jolla. He and his wife An met at UC Berkeley. She is from Los Angeles and is a part-time pharmacist. The couple havethree children Evan, Emily, and Eli who attend local La Jolla schools, and love soccer, swimming, going to the beach, video games, and travel.

When hes not in the office, Dr. Upatham can be found on the soccer fields, rooting his children on; playing golf with his boys; watching his daughter do amazing things with robotics; playing tennis; relaxing at the beach; or traveling to explore new places. Since he grew up in Texas, Dr. Upatham is passionate about the Dallas Cowboys, though they give him heartache year after year.

We recognize that allour patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

Leila loves working with patients and families to ensure their time in our office is enjoyable. She has been in the dental field for almost seven years. She has a true passion for helping patients with their orthodontic treatment planning and facilitating a pleasant office experience. When not in the office, Leila loves reading, spending time with her three children and husband, and taking long neighborhood walks with her sweet dog, Milo.

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

Monica has been working as an RDA in the orthodontic field for 18 years. She started her careerin Northern California and moved with her family to San Diego 8 years ago. Monica loves helping patients navigate their treatment by working with Dr. Upatham and Dr. Wong to create the best orthodontic experience possible. Monica is excited to be part of such a great team.

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

Alina was raised in Chula Vista and has been working in the dental field for three years. She believes in learning every day and knows it is important to understand the concepts behind the orthodontic treatment she is helping to provide. She enjoys working alongside Doctors Wong and Upatham as they provide a life changing experience to patients. Alina also loves the friendly, positive attitudes the team brings to La Jolla Village Orthodontics.

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

Mariana was born in Los Angeles and raised in a small town called Visalia, CA. She moved to San Diego after high school because she fell in love with the beautiful beaches. She has been working as an orthodontic assistant for 13 years and she loves it! Every day is like an art project. She loves seeing our patients every month and forming new friendships. Outside of work she enjoys reading, hanging out with her daughter, and going to the beach.

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

Angie was born in San Diego. She has been working as an orthodontic assistant for 15 years. She has two kids Luna and Maximiliano and two 'bonus' kids Anabella and Giovanni. She also has 3 English bulldogs: Dakota, Bruno, and Merika. Outside the office Angie is obsessed with OfferUp due to her addiction to DIY projects at home. She loves to laugh and have fun.

La Jolla Village Orthodontics - Orthodontist in La Jolla, CA

If youre considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, Dr. Wong, Dr. Upatham, and their team are here to help. Offering leading-edge orthodontic solutions, our goal is to ensure you achieve the stable, beautiful smile you desire and keep you smiling throughout the process!

Ours is a welcoming, family-friendly office, where we greet you by name and know whats important to you. Beyond your oral health and smile goals, we are excited to learn about your hobbies and passions, and look forward becoming your friends!

  • Our Doctors: Beyond being skilled, experienced orthodontists, Dr. Wong and Dr. Upatham are friendly, accessible, and committed to delivering an orthodontic experience that has you smiling! They offer leading-edge treatment options for all ages, and will design a unique treatment plan that works for your specific goals and clinical needs.
  • Our Team: Our clinical and customer service staff members have been chosen because of their skills, training, and commitment to customer care. Each is great at what they do and always willing to pitch in and support one another. They are personable and genuinely enjoy building real friendships with our patients and families. Our team members know the difference a beautiful smile makes in a persons life and are thrilled to help you achieve your best smile!
  • Our Atmosphere: The moment you step through the doors of our La Jolla office, youll know youre in the right place! The warm smiles and cheery greetings from our front desk staff will make you feel at home and that warmth extends throughout our practice. You will hear a lot of laughter from our doctors, team members, and your fellow patients: youll feel like youre in a room of friends because you are!
  • Our Focus on Health: While orthodontics is the obvious key to an aesthetically pleasing smile, it is also the only way to create a functional bite that protects the teeth, gums, surrounding bone, and joints for lifelong health. Youll not only finish treatment with a beautiful smile, youll have made a lasting improvement to your oral and overall wellness, too!
  • Choosing orthodontic care is choosing to make a lasting, positive change in your life. Everyone at La Jolla Village Orthodontics is excited youre considering treatment and looks forward to discussing how we can help you achieve a life-changing smile: a Sunny Smile!

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