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February has been designated Gum Disease Awareness Month! Initially launched by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, its purpose is to raise awareness about gum disease and encourage healthy dental habits to prevent it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gum disease, also referred to as periodontitis, is the result of infections and inflammation of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. In the early stages, the gums can become swollen and red, and they may bleed. As it progresses, the gums can pull away from the tooth, which can eventually result in bone and tooth loss. Not only does gum disease affect your mouth, it can affect your body as well. Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene are important to ensure everything is healthy.

Periodontal disease is mostly seen in adults, with 47.2% of those aged 30 years and older having some form of it. This risk only increases with age. On top of age, there are many other risk factors that can increase your chance of developing gum disease. One of the primary risk factors is smoking, followed by poor oral hygiene, diabetes, stress, hormonal changes and medications that cause dry mouth.

While gum disease starts in the mouth, when left untreated, it can start affecting many other parts of the body as well. This includes respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease and diabetes.


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Chris Turner
2 years ago
Well well where to start?! I have been a patient at this office for over 2 years. Two days ago one of my crowns popped off. I called the office and scheduled an appointment. Went in today to get the crown put back on (just put back on due to it still being in tact. I was asked if all of my information was the and has anything changed with my insurance. Everything was the same except for my primary insurance which I don't have anymore, I have another plan as well as a supplemental plan. Then I was informed that I would need to pay $134.00 not $258.00 that I was quoted which is great, Right?! The receptionist also said that I had to pay up front and if there were any other charges then they would just charge my card again, I advised the lady that I didn't want to run my card twice and I would just pay my bill before I left. She said that I could talk to Dr. M when I got back in the room. I never saw the Dr. at all whatsoever! Then another lady came the room with a treatment plan and it was highlighted of $258.60, so I then advised her that I was to talk to the Dr. as instructed by the lady at the front that takes the payments. I did go ahead and sign the form because I always pay anything that I owe. Then I was told that I would have to pay now or they wouldn't glue the crown back on. Odd but ok, I understand there are people that will get services and in the end not pay them. I am not one of those! These folks treated me like a piece of garbage because they thought I didn't have insurance anymore and didn't have the funds to pay. Back in January 2021, I was due to have a double root canal, the Dr. was not able to do both of them and sent me to a specialist in Hinesville. After specialists visit came back to Howard and Dr. M put the crown on. Got a call from my insurance company as well as the specialists office because Howard Family charged for work that wasn't preformed. I paid out of pocket the specialist bill and was sent a check for repayment to me for what I had paid due to Howard Family's negligence. I let that pass and decided to continue to do business with them because I always enjoyed going there. After today I will not ever be back and the 25+ friends and their friends that have started going there will know about this horrible experience. Again I was treated like a piece of trash and felt very disrespected, I just got out of Law Enforcement and besides getting cussed out, I have never been more disrespected in my whole entire life. Good job Howard Family dental! Also there will be other reviews among other stuff that will follow up in this horrible experience!! God Bless, John 3:16

Mike Farmer
2 years ago
I have a thing about going to a dentist, but the experience was great - very good staff - professional and friendly.

Kayla Ford
2 years ago
The staff is wonderful and I always get seen quickly! Shelby is great and so gentle.

Zachary Klaassen
2 years ago
Ok place. They do perform work very quickly as if I'm at a drive through dentist office. Everyone seems to do be confused So I left. Their scheduling abilities suck. Every appointment I ended up waiting 30 minutes or more in waiting room. I encourage others to shop around. Then they had me on the wrong side of the building and couldn't do the work they promised and had to bring me back at later date. So guess what.! More missed work. Don't waste ur hard earned money

Debra Ann Cochran
2 years ago
First time visit, but the hospitality services were very nice. Nice clean atmosphere and interior. Receptionist very kind, technology person very kind, and Dr. Rachel explained everything that was going on and needed to be attended to. I believe I'm going to be pleased using them for my dental care.

Dean Eason
2 years ago
Great people. Nice staff

Arthur Guerrero
2 years ago
Very friendly, professional. Satisfied with their services.

Faye Moore
2 years ago
Always a pleasant experience during my visit. It starts from checking in and ends after checking out. Dr. Mike and his assistants are always professional, caring and kind.

Casey Stovall
2 years ago
Kind and energetic staff. Dental hygienist was very thorough. Short wait time. Dr. was chill and laid back! Explained everything perfectly.

demary wiles
2 years ago
This was my first appointment and Shelby was great! Very personable, pleasant and informative!!

Maggie May
2 years ago
So very grateful that Statesboro finally has such a great dentistry! Everything about my 1st visit to was perfect. Clean, very welcoming, very thorough in observation & planning treatment. Staff is the best. I'm gonna recommend to everyone I know. I finally have hope that my smile won't fade away!

Shirley Funderburk
2 years ago
Very pleased with my visit.

Encouraging Hearts with Tiffany Danielle
2 years ago
Always polite and professional. They are like family! I love this dentist office.

sibyl Kirkland
2 years ago
Dr Rachel and team are amazing group of people. Very attentive. Keep up the good work

Amy Ho
2 years ago
The customer service was amazing. They were very patient and understanding, as well as being flexible too! The front office staff were sweet. I had a small insurance conflict, but they were so kind enough to still wiggle me in once I got it fixed. I also enjoyed August and her taking the time to clean my teeth so thoroughly even though she was a little behind schedule due to some conflict with my insurance. She was so sweet and I enjoyed my experience with her!

2 years ago
Everyone at Howard Family Dental is awesome. Great clinical and people skills.

Judianne Speach
2 years ago
I have been coming here for a couple of years - I highly recommend Howard Family Dental!

Meghan Pearce
2 years ago
Very good visit. Tessa was so good and Dr. Rachel I think is her name too. Not many like dentist y'all try a Howard in Boro. Highly recommend them. Thanks y'all

Alexandria Lonon
2 years ago
Howard dental they were very professional and kind.they help me with all my needs

Rachel Dekle
2 years ago
Howard Family Dentist is a great dentist it was my first time there they are very friendly and care

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