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David Willis
2 years ago
Wow what a great dentist! I have been to a lot of my over my 60 years. Dr H.is super stellar!

Melvin Rios
2 years ago
To put it simply Great!!! Im usually afraid of these appointments but since coming here my whole previous views are nonexistent. Highly recommend!!!

Lizbeth Romero
2 years ago
Best service! Kind and considerate throughout the whole dental process. The doctor took such good care of my daughter and made sure she was okay all the way. Highly recommend H. Dentistry!

U Sold
2 years ago

Danielle Willey
2 years ago
Dr. Hoggan and his staff are great! They got me in promptly and did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Going to the dentist is never fun, but I can honestly say this was a pleasant experience. Highly recommend.

Siren Siren
2 years ago
amazing staff, truly grateful I was seen here. every bit of the process was painless and easy. I'll definitely refer friends and be coming back for future dental visits!

Brenda Bowen
2 years ago
I had a broken tooth. I ended up needing a crown. I was able to get in right away. Very friendly staff. I highly recommend making this your dental office.

Sally Bowlby
2 years ago
Caring, compassionate and friendly oriented.

Nicole Conrad
2 years ago
great Dentist!! highly recommend!

Donald Causbie
2 years ago
HUGE Disappointment. 1 - The firm price as given and agreed to (in the presence of others) was not the final price. In retrospect and in my opinion his prices are excessive and absorbent. 2 - As he always demands, the procedure was paid for in full and in advance (in cash) and then the payment mysteriously disappeared. 3 - Multiple extractions were involved. The pain was excruciating for days and the bleeding / hemorrhaging was excessive and long lasting. 4 - In my opinion and that of others the extractions should have been referred out to an Oral Surgeon and not handled in his office. 5 - Standard CDC Guidelines for Covid were not followed and I was hospitalized in the ICU for 10 days for Covid shortly after my "visit". Days after the extraction and when I was admitted to the hospital for Covid I was still experiencing bleeding and horrible pain. The person who transported me to and from my appointment also contracted Covid shortly after my dental appointment. 6 - Certain areas of the Office did not impress me as clean and sterile. Dental equipment and tools are kept in a "Craftsman" type mechanics tool box. 7 - His efforts to effect collection on a debt that is not owed crossed many inappropriate and possibly illegal lines. He came (uninvited) to my home during evening hours while I was bleeding and in excruciating pain to hound me for money I didn't owe. Outside and uninvolved parties were contacted and given privileged information. Outside uninvolved parties were given private information and harassed with thinly veiled collection threats. 8 - At the age of 94 years old he followed me to and personally harassed me at a Nursing Home. He divulged personal and private information to unrelated and uninvolved parties. 9 - He contacted an outside party and demanded that he and his wife be allowed to "preview" an Estate Sale which was being conducted after my Wife's passing. He wanted to "cherry pick" thousands of dollars of items of personal property to satisfy a debt that doesn't exist. The vast majority of the property in the Estate Sale did not belong to me. 10 - The whole procedure in question was for an upper denture plate. Shortly after the "procedure" I was hospitalized and then subsequently moved to a permanent Long Term Nursing Care Facility. The denture never fit properly, it's painful and now due to the fact that he will not accept the only sources of insurance payment available to me I've got a lose painful denture and am being hounded for monies I should not and do not owe. 11 - I believe HIPAA Laws were violated multiple times. Nothing was held in confidence and both personal medical and financial information was openly divulged to others. As is warranted and may be appropriate I will be reporting and pursuing HIPAA Violations in conjunction with and independent of this matter to the governing authorities. A "Medical / Dental Professional" can not divulge and disseminate my medical and financial information at will to the general public! This Dentist is not at all as he presented himself. His collection efforts were threatening to me and others and are clearly taking advantage of the elderly. I believe his actions and information given to others were in violation of HIPAA Laws. His bookkeeping is not accurate and professional practices (in my case and opinion) crossed all lines of a small town practice. I would never use this Dentist again.

Colten Vaughan
2 years ago
This is the best experience I've ever had at a dentist I recommend anyone looking to get work done to call and schedule today!

starr drott
2 years ago
Extremely friendly, very gentle, and easy on the eyes. All staff is excellent with a very relaxed atmosphere . Highly recommend.

Arlo Padilla - DOC
2 years ago
Dr. Hoggan and his staff do a great job! Customer service is always exceptional.

alicia hernandez
2 years ago
I was in so much and they where able to pull my tooth I had no pain really nice staff and Great service thank you guys so much

Steven Fulmer
2 years ago
Dr H and his staff are nothing short of absolutely amazing. Thank you for getting me in as a new patient and getting my tooth fixed the right away. My family and myself will only be going to Dr H from now on for all our dental needs.

Jessica Vogel
2 years ago
Excellent dentist! Have always had a fear of dental work but Dr. Hogan made me so comfortable and was so understanding that I actually know I will be coming back.

Justin Johnson
2 years ago
Hands down the best prices, best experience, and the best dentist I've ever been to there's nowhere else better no one

Robi Sifers
2 years ago
Wonderful staff and facility! I was referred to H Dentistry by a friend and I was pleasantly surprised by the care and professionalism of the staff. They took time to listen to me and learn about my needs. They also educated me on my oral health and taught me ways to improve. If I could give them 10 Stars I would!

Brianna Heardt
2 years ago
Very kind, and professional! The front desk receptionist is so patient and helpful! I was impressed by the entire staff! Bruce was super down to earth and a pleasure to talk to! Definitely happy to have them in our small community!

Alexa Adams
2 years ago
This isn't my original dentist but I needed an emergency extraction and I had a great experience thanks to the fast, friendly, and gentle service. I definitely will be going here from now on for future dental services.

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