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Gairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, AR
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One thing youll learn about Dr. Emily Gairhan is how grateful she is to live and work in the community she loves! She believes that helping her neighbors achieve health and beauty through dentistry contributes to a healthier, more beautiful community as a whole.

A Jonesboro native, Dr. Emily Gairhan graduated from Jonesboro High before earning her BS from Arkansas State University. She then followed her passion for medicine to the University of Tennessee where she earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery. After dental school, Dr. Gairhan moved back to her hometown to open Gairhan Dental Care.

Dr. Gairhan never takes for granted how special it is to provide excellent dental care to the community she loves. She lives in Jonesboro with her husband and two children. They enjoy spending time together as a family, traveling, and cheering on the Red Wolves!

Gairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, ARGairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, AR

We have thought of all the extra touches to help parents and children alike to feel comfortable and at ease. We want your experience at Gairhan Dental Care to be excellent from start to finish. That includes the space youre in. Our office is our home, and we cant wait to welcome you in!

I consider my team my work family. Theyre my sisters and my friends. We love spending time together, both inside and outside the office. When you visit Gairhain Dental Care, youll feel that family vibe.

We hear people say I hate going to the dentist a lot! It shouldnt be that way. Thats why weve hired the best, most professional team that prioritizes your comfort and care. And if you asked our patients, theyd tell you theres no reason to hate visiting the dentist. In fact, our patients often leave our office smiling.

Gairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, AR

Were caring professionals, but that doesnt mean we dont have fun. In our office, youll always hear laughter in the halls. Why? Because we love our jobs and have fun doing it. And we want you to have that same experience!

You should expect more than a great smile from Gairhan Dental Care. When you come to our office, youll find an atmosphere of true friendship. Our office is filled with laughter and genuine conversation, and we invite you into it as we serve you.

We believe that friends should always give honest, straightforward advice, and we promise to take this kind of approach when it comes to your dental care and cosmetic needs. As we work together, youll find a hometown approach to dental care and cosmetic services one thats always excellent, always friendly, never pretentious.

We know that visiting the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for children and adults alike. We know an impersonal, pragmatic approach to dentistry only increases that anxiety. At Gairhan Dental Care, we work hard to create an environment thats as friendly and approachable as the town of Jonesboro itself. Our patients love the results we achieve, but even more, they love the way we achieve them. Thats why Gairhan Dental Care gives people a reason to smile.

Gairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, ARGairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, AR

My earliest dream was to be a doctor. Ive always wanted to take a scientific approach to helping others. But my medical ambitions were redirected when another dentist, a woman, took me under her wing and allowed me to shadow her on the job. It was that relationship that changed the direction of my career, and Im glad it did. Now, I have the privilege of perfecting smiles and enhancing the image of the people of my hometown, Jonesboro.

Im a working mom and I know what its like to visit the dentist or doctor with my kids. If the doctor is running behind, if the visit takes twice as long as it should, it throws my whole day off. Thats why we work hard to stick to a schedule and be upfront if were running behind.

Gairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, ARGairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, AR

We have been completely happy with our care we received at Gairhan Dental Care. Dr. Gairhan and the staff are so professional but more than that they make you feel so comfortable. Staff just feels like family!

Gairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, ARGairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, ARGairhan Dental Care - General dentist in Jonesboro, AR

Most trips to the dentist will not cause any pain whatsoever. That being said, there are some procedures that if necessary for your treatment, may cause some discomfort. Fortunately, dental technology has come a long way in recent years. We have the technology and anesthetics to make all degrees of procedures more comfortable than ever before.

BOTOX Cosmetic is the first and only FDA-approved prescription product that temporarily improves the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and moderate to severe crows feet in adults. Dr. Gairhan has received specialized training and is proud to offer BOTOX cosmetic procedures to her patients.

It is never too late to start taking care of your dental health. You should never feel embarrassed over your previous dental care history. At Gairhan Dental, we offer compassionate, thorough dental care for patients of all backgrounds. We will help assess your dental needs and begin a treatment plan to help you have the healthy smile youve always wanted.

Some insurance policies offer a dental plan while others do not. You can contact your insurance provider directly to find out if dental care is included in your plan. Our staff is also happy to help you find out more about your insurance coverage if you call or visit the office.

Cosmetic dentistry is a set of dental practices and procedures aimed at improving the overall appearance of your smile. This may include filing in gaps from broken or missing teeth, whitening your teeth, or using veneers.

Stains on teeth can be caused from internal or external factors. External causes for stains includes tobacco use, and prolonged drinking of certain beverages like coffee, tea or red wine. Internal staining can be caused by certain medications, the natural aging process, or trauma to the teeth. No matter the cause for your teeth discoloration, we will find a treatment solution to help your specific case.

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