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He is committed to providing conservative, comfortable dental care to all of his patients. He genuinely enjoys his work because he cares about people he loves to see his patients walk out of his office with big, healthy smiles.

Dr. Sim graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1991.He is a member of the American Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, Northwest Indiana Dental Society, and the International Association of Orthodontics.

The doctor and his wife Hyunah have two beautiful daughters, Sophia and Sarah, and one adorable son, Alexander. In his free time Dr. Sim enjoys spending time with his family, attending church, and running. He is an avid marathoner, he has run in every Chicago Marathon since 2002, and in 2009 he ran in the Boston Marathon.


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Maya Etienne
2 years ago
Not all dentist are created equally. Having the knowledge to handle dental needs and having compassion for patients should go hand and hand. Oftentimes just a few extra words of encouragement can soothe the anxiety that accompanies dental work. This is what I received at Family Dental. I no longer have as much trepidation when I have procedures and exams. My children also feel comfortable and that means a lot. The professionalism of the front desk staff is on point. There is no air of pressure and they are polite and courteous. The dental hygienist I have encountered have been friendly smiling young ladies who brighten the office.

Noah Segrest
2 years ago
Everything was great...

Ashley Alters
2 years ago
Dr. Sim is great! The staff is great, super friendly and accommodating. They go the extra mile for sure! Family friendly environment great for the kids to play while you get your teeth taken care of, and they even have a coffee maker! love this place!

Antonio Ledesma
2 years ago
Well first of all I did not expect for the front desk person who was very nice to give me a tour of the place which I thought was awesome,she introduced me to everyone and they were all so nice happy and very cheerful, with a great big hello and that was a great thing,the second thing was how the people treated me, it was great, I enjoyed it they made me feel at home & very very welcome everybody talked with so much respect and they made sure that I was comfortable, the third thing was after I got my teeth cleaned and I met everyone literally everyone LOL & a young lady by the name of Dee took me in her office and explained to me how I was going to be charged and priced with multiple financial options for paying, then I had explained to her about my Medicaid and my medicare with a dual plan which I didn't know how to do with my insurance, So Dee had actually took the time to get on her phone on her own and call right there the insurance company for me and seriously took the time to make sure everything was correct and that my insurance was going to pay for everything because I always have a really hard time doing that with my insurance, because for some reason insurance companies always talks in codes and Dee actually knew exactly what they were talking about and broke it down for them and explained to them again what I was there for and automatically I knew that she knew what she was talking about and everything worked out "GREAT" and I really really really appreciated that 100% no one has ever done that for me before at any office, some places just blow it off and say come back or we'll call you whether it was a hospital or anything anything...... it kind of blew me away that Dee did that for me it was definitely a above & beyond experience,..... It was definitely 1 million percent great it was so good that as soon as I got home I told my wife about my experience and then as I was telling her you/the dentist who did my cleaning actually called me to see if everything was okay with the cleaning that tshe did for me and I immediately set up an appointment for my son to go there as well for a cleaning thank you guys very much loved my experience there..... I will see you in a couple months to get my deep cleaning God bless you all

Sabrina Baylor
2 years ago
Staff was very friendly and the office in general displayed a positive environment. Coff was great al

2 years ago
Great service Explain details

Raushelle Denise
2 years ago
The way he talks to people is very unprofessional.

Mary Jackson
2 years ago
Dr. Chanbo Sim is a highly skilled dentist as is his staff. I've received excellent dental care from Dr. Sim over 15 years which includes preventative care as well as ongoing pain free dental care. He is friendly, kind, compassionate & individualizes each plan of care. I would & have referred family & friends to Dr. Sim. Dr. Sim sees patients with & without insurance & payment options are available.

pamela ross
2 years ago
This was my first visit everyone was so friendly and smilelyfaces. The atmosphere put me at ease and made me feel relaxed and not scared. Thank u

Sufian Shaban
2 years ago
Hope and the rest of the staff were fantastic Dr. Sim was so smooth I didn't even know my tooth was out

mike addis
2 years ago
Very Customer friendly. Everyone in the office makes customer service look super easy,while making an often grueling procedure for yours truly a pleasant experience. Staff is super nice like they were born to smile! I love the positivity I feel when I get in the chair. Dentist is super positive and good at handling this delicate line of work. I have no complaints about Family Dental Care. If you read comments like me and you hate dental procedures this is definitely a top choice for me to recommend. They will thoroughly explain the procedure to you after they have examined the problem you are experiencing. All you have to do is accept or reject. They will let you know if your insurance will pay before they start ,but be sure to inquire first.

Kim Kaufman
2 years ago
All of the employees were very friendly and helpful. They were very thorough

Carolina Bonilla
2 years ago
The staff is very friendly and professional. I really like the way Dr. Sim asks me periodically if I'm ok and if I'm feeling any discomfort. He really knows how to put you at ease and ensure you are having the best dental experience.

Jessica Rose
2 years ago
I love this dentist. So happy I found them, never been more comforting getting dental work until I started going here. Doc is AMAZING and staff is very kind and efficient. Ortho is awesome.

Barbara Garner
2 years ago
Family Dental is very friendly and professional. I had a tour of the whole practice before we even started. I've seen many children there too!!thank you Family Dental.

Shirley Cooper
2 years ago
My foster daughter was very nervous before coming to the office but was comforted by staff and left out happy and smiling

Kaitlyn Kruszynski
2 years ago
Terrible phone service and incredibly rude over the phone. Been going here for decades and this was by far the worst experience I have ever had. Good luck getting ahold of anyone.

2 years ago
I advise anyone that have dental procedures here to contact your dental insurance because they have tried to charge me regular price for braces and other dental procedures if they are in network with your dental insurance they have a contract with the insurance company where you can only be charged at there contracted price they have with the insurance company. Also my son was told he had five cavities which I was shocked because he has be going to dentist since a he was a 1 and had just been seen by them. So I took him to another dentist for a second opinion I had his records sent over from Dr.Sims office they took a look at his teeth which the dentist came in and informed me he doesn't have any cavities. I informed Dr.Sims office of the findings they still try till this day to do fillings on his teeth. We work hard for our money and trust that doctors are doing the right thing but on several occasions with this dentist I have experienced that are deceiving people so call your insurance make sure you were charged the right price.

Lydia C
2 years ago
Went in to get my permanent retainer repaired. They didn't try to force a bunch of other services on me, they were welcoming, knowledgeable, and professional. Definitely found my go to dentist after lots of searching.

Lara Mitchell
2 years ago
The best staff and dentist ever, highly recommended!!!

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