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Wewould like to welcome you to our office. Weve spent years learning how to provide you with the best smile possible. Now we have a comfortable office with the latest technology and highest rated products for you.

We keep our treatment costs as low as possible. Dental work is an investment in your health and we would like you to be as financially comfortable as possible. Our treatment and fees are determined based on comprehensive exam and assessment. We will inform you of all fees, services and payment options once they have been determined.

Dental insurance can help save you a lot of money. We work with your insurance provider to give you the best care under your plan. Our staff is experienced with working with insurance companies to maximize your coverage, however, sometimes certainprocedures recommended after our exam may not be included in your coverage. Your health is important so we are committed to helping you understand the costs and payment schedule for your visits.

If you dont have a great relationship with your teeth, its time to figure out how get back on track. One of the best ways to improve your dental health is to learn a little bit about your teeth and better understand whats going on inside the mouth.

Unfortunately, you cant simply break up with your teeth and find some new ones. If there are pains or visual scars from your years of tooth use, its not too late to make some repairs and improve the overall quality of your relationship with your teeth. Creating new habits will ensure a healthy, long relationship.

Oral health effects many aspects of your life from eating, showing emotion and speaking. It has an impact on your social and professional life. How do you feel about your mouth when you look into a mirror? If its not a positive experience visiting our office can have a life-changing impact.

At our office, we educate our patients on good oral health care. We teach patients the proper technique of brushing and flossing. Its not difficult to ensure good oral health, but neglect can quickly lead to problems like disease and pain.

Your mouth includes pain sensors to let you know there is a problem with the general health of a specific tooth. Unfortunately wishing and hoping the pain will go away rarely works. One visit to the dentist could fix anypainful problems you have. Most importantly, youll leave feeling better physically and emotionally. Plus youll have the knowledge to prevent the problem from happening again.


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