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Dr. Lewis is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Mia and Haley, and her stepson, Michael, Jr. Her greatest joy and the newest addition to her family is her granddaughter, Blythe Rain. Dr. Lewis enjoys being a mentor and advisor to young children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and she is an Educational Advisor for her church's youth group. Her hobbies include sewing, interior decorating, reading, and writing poetry. She also loves watching old movies. Professionally, dentistry is her greatest passion.


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Shirley Stripling
2 years ago
I had a wonderful experience everyone was friendly and nice they explained everything to me

Carrie Batten
2 years ago
Dental Care of Bonaire needs to come up with a better cancelation policy. Supposedly, they say my preferred method of getting in touch with me is by "phone call" and not text (not sure how it changed but whatever). Regardless of whatever it is, they do not try very hard in getting in touch with you to confirm your appointment. If you work full time and can't have your phone on while you're working, then this dentist office is not for you. I think it's funny that they only sent me 1 text and within that one text, they only give me 2 hours to respond before they canceled my appointment. Why not give me 48 to respond ? They are also notorious for calling and rescheduling. It's like they don't care or understand that people work and have to take off work to go to an appointment. When they " reschedule" you, it's always a month or longer to get you back in. You can try this office and see for yourself..... at least I tried warning the readers looking for a place. To Dental Care Bonaire: I have been going here for 2 years now and I have always been to my appointments on time. Never have I ever been a no show. The office notified me at lunch on Friday October 28, ( by text) that my appointment for Tuesday October 31st @ 2pm was cancelled because they couldn't reach me by phone. Riddle me that!

Mary Jones
2 years ago
I have gotten a whole new smile in just past half a year thanks to Dr. Lewis and the awesome staff at Dental care of Bonaire. Super pleased and thankful.

Caullin Frey
2 years ago
Will try to pick your pocket as much as they can... After waiting 6 months to be seen and cleaned I was told I had cavities and needed to be scheduled they said they were over booked and they would text me my appointment date... TWO YEARS LATER. So at that point I'll just go somewhere else call and cancel them... Then they proceeded to bill me $100 fot "appointment cancelation" TWO YEARS from now?! I could understand 24 or ever 48 hrs but Jesus Christ y'all are money hungry

Latonya Minter
2 years ago
Awesome visit today. Very thorough, informative, and focused on oral health. My kids also had a visit today and the staff was kid friendly and did an awesome job!

James Gamble
2 years ago
It was nice and very friendly doctor and associates I look forward to getting back soon

2 years ago
Dr Lewis and Ms. Tiasia are so professional. The dentist chair is not my favorite place to be, but they helped make it a good experience. The tools they use along with their digital technology allowed me to see various images and angles of my mouth which helped me to verbally and visually see what's going on in my mouth. I thank the Dental Care of Bonaire for their excellent care!

Jacob Flores
2 years ago
Office is clean hygienist are nice other than that place is garbage billing office is incompetent, and the actual dentist is over booked.

jennifer wootson
2 years ago
A professional and caring staff offered thorough examination and treatment plan. They were able to offer an earlier appointment due to cancellations ( Thank you Alex) Tyesha had gentle and skillful hands during my cleaning. Dr. Lewis addressed concerns and education as well as answering any questions.Timely referral was made for follow up for issues found in session. I highly recommend this practice as I was very pleased with the service and encounters with all of the staff.

Sarah Beal
2 years ago
I've never even been here because they keep waiting until the day of to reschedule my appts. Very unprofessional. I recommend everyone I know to not even waste their time booking an appt or being put on the wait list. You'll never get your appt. I was waiting around for almost a year before I gave up and found a way better dentist in Macon.

Joey Kornegay
2 years ago
Professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. Told them of my dental fears and they informed me of everything they were doing and why. Will be transferring the rest of my family dental care to them. Ty you rock, thanks

2 years ago
New patient, but enjoying it so far. Everyone is pleasant, seen on time.

Ashley Harris
2 years ago
Alex (RDH) is AMAZING!!!!! She went above and beyond for my little boy who is 4 years old! Dr. Lewis is a 5 star dentist! She is so loving and caring!!! We will surely be returning patients!

Denise Ellis
2 years ago
Excellent service and care. The staff are very professional and respectful.

Desmine R
2 years ago
Very friendly staff, from the time you walk in, until you walk out the door. They also offer other amenities to keep you comfortable while you stay such as wifi, a warm blanket, noise canceling headphones and more. They answered all my questions and made sure my stay was comfortable. They have a new client now!

Barbara Jones
2 years ago
Staff was friendly and courteous.

2 years ago
I have found my forever dental office. The staff was superb and Dr. Lewis was awesome as well. They explain every thing to me along the way. And when it was time to discuss my future dental plans. The cost breakdown was explained as well. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience.

Margaret Hays
2 years ago
Great group. Wish more dentists were interested in working in this area. Not sure why dentists would not love working here. They do a great job here.

Rick Bartlett
2 years ago
Friendly staff, personable, knowledgeable, very informative. They utilize latest technology. It's a big office, unlike the other dentist offices I've been in. Dr. Davis was thorough and explained things in layman's terms. This was my first impression, on my first visit. So far, so good.

Michelle Norrington
2 years ago
Excellent care, staff was very nice and professional, they actually listened to my concerns and fears and did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. They explained every procedures in detail . I got treatment and screenings I've never ever been offered before. Dr. Lewis is very warm and kind and took her time taking care of me. So happy I found this practice!

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