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Dawson Dental Group - General dentist in Dawsonville, GA
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Dawson Dental Group - General dentist in Dawsonville, GA

Ritu Nagar DMD graduated from the Ohio State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Dr. Nagar subsequently attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree in 2007. Upon graduating, Dr. Nagar relocated to Cumming, GA where she lives with her husband, daughter Maya and son Milan. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and new puppy Chloe. She practiced as an associate in Alpharetta, GA before starting her own practice here in Dawsonville.

Dr. Nagar has made a commitment to provide the highest level of care to her patients. She regularly attends various continuing education courses in order to provide her patients with the most advanced techniques in dentistry.

Dawson Dental Group - General dentist in Dawsonville, GA

Dawson Dental Group is a Dawsonville based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using advanced dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers and more

Dawson Dental Group is a Dawsonville based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using advanced dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers and more.

Dawson Dental Group - General dentist in Dawsonville, GADawson Dental Group - General dentist in Dawsonville, GA

Kristi is a native of Lumpkin County and has worked in the dental field for 13 years. Kristi has worked as both a dental assistant and works currently as a hygienist. She is a 2007 graduate of Middle Georgia with a degree in dental hygiene. Kristi prides herself in providing excellent patient care and loves treating patients like family, and therefore giving them the best possible care they can receive. She lives in Dawson County and in her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband David. They have 5 dogs and volunteer on a regular basis at the Humane Society.

Dawson Dental Group - General dentist in Dawsonville, GA

Samantha has been a dental assistant for over 3 years. She enjoys working with patients and helping them to feel comfortable in the dental office. She lives in Murrayville with her husband Erik, dog Adele and horse Princess. In her spare time she enjoys riding horses and competing in rodeos.

Philosophy of CareDr. Ritu Nagar and the staff at Dawson Dental Group believe in the importance of preventative care. We focus on keeping patients in good oral health so that they can live a full, healthy, and enjoyable life that is free from oral pain. This starts by educating our patients on what they can do to stay healthy at home. In our family dentist office we recommend that patients eat a healthy diet that consists of green leafy vegetables, lean protein, nuts, dairy products, and crunchy fruits and veggies. Eating these foods along with drinking water can help to keep teeth healthy and make them stronger. By simultaneously reducing sugar intake, patients can also reduce their risk of cavities.

It is also important to brush and floss throughout the day. Instead of waiting for bedtime to brush teeth, carry a small toothbrush and use it after meals and snacks. This makes it possible to remove sugar and bacteria from the teeth and gums before it has the opportunity to turn into acid that can attack the teeth. This preventative step can greatly reduce a persons risk of getting a cavity or gum disease. Dr. Ritu Nagar understand the importance of taking these steps at home and will spend the time necessary to educate and inform patients so that they can stay healthy overall. Education, after all, is essential for living a long and healthy life.

Understanding the importance of these regular dental exams, the staff at Dawson Dental Group work to make each patient extremely comfortable. This includes being welcoming and kind while performing dental treatments in a way that is painless and relaxing. Patients visit our dentist office because they trust us to do just that take care of their teeth and gums, gently. The majority of our patients are local and come from the 30534 area, we also see patients that are looking for gentle dental care.

Seniors, on the other hand, often struggle with gum disease and oral infections. As people age, their teeth can become weaker and infected more easily. Bone loss is incredibly common with seniors and by conducting regular dental exams Dr. Ritu Nagar and the staff at Dawson Dental Group can help seniors to have strong teeth and reduce the risk of them falling out. Since over seventy percent of U.S. adults suffer from tooth loss, preventative care is important.

Q: Are baby teeth really that important to my child?A: Primary, or baby, teeth are important for many reasons. Not only do they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, they also aid in forming a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to come in.

Q: What should I do if my child has a toothache?A: First, rinse the irritated area with warm salt water and place a cold compress on the face if it is swollen. Give the child acetaminophen for any pain, rather than placing aspirin on the teeth or gums. Finally, see a dentist as soon as possible.

Q: How do dental sealants work?A: Sealants work by filling in the crevasses on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. This shuts out food particles that could get caught in the teeth, causing cavities. The application is fast and comfortable and can effectively protect teeth for many years.

Q: How do I know if my child is getting enough fluoride?A: Have your family dentist evaluate the fluoride level of your childs primary source of drinking water. If your child is not getting enough fluoride internally through water (especially if the fluoride level is deficient or if your child drinks bottled water without fluoride), then we may prescribe fluoride supplements.

Q: What can I do to protect my teeth during sporting events?A: Soft plastic mouthguards can be used to protect teeth, lips, cheeks and gums from sport related injuries. A custom-fitted mouthguard will protect your teeth from injuries and even provide protection from severe injuries to the head.

Q: How safe are dental X-rays?A: There is very little risk in dental X-rays. Family dentists are especially careful to limit the amount of radiation to which you and your family are exposed. Lead aprons and high-speed film are used to ensure safety and minimize the amount of radiation. Digital x-rays provide an even greater level of protection by using up to 90 percent less radiation.


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Cathy Moreno
2 years ago
Very professional and pleasant.

Maya N
2 years ago

Toralf Zschau
2 years ago
Great dentist and dental hygienist. Highly recommended.

Mike Simpson
2 years ago
Great experience! Staff is friendly and very accommodating.

2 years ago
This was my first visit there. Everyone was friendly, yet professional. Nice welcoming and feel. Honest, efficient, and professional staff. They are now my dentist and will be my wife's as well.

Haley Roberts
2 years ago
Dr. Nagar is extremely accommodating and gentle. The hygienists are also very knowledgeable and helpful in understanding your oral health!

Tia Swanger
2 years ago
Love this practice!! They have been amazing helping me get my dental health back on track. No pressure, always professional and easy appointment scheduling. So glad to have found "a home."

Jeffrey Blossom
2 years ago
Fast and efficient but also caring and friendly.

Josh Hoelscher
2 years ago
There is no wait time, there always ready and on time. The lady I had was great truly cared about her job and patient, she was inviting to talk to as well!

2 years ago
Very professional staff. I like they way the attebd to me

Eric Buckler
2 years ago
This was my first visit to this office after moving to the area, it was a very nice experience. Hailey was awesome and let me know everything she was doing and seemed very thorough. The office staff was awesome. All good so far and I will use them as my dentist!

Michael Varana
2 years ago
Super Professional and Very Detailed. Would recommend ! 10 out of 5 Stars . Dr. Ritu Nagar on my first visit performed several extractions. I couldn't believe how quick and painless she made the procedure.Dr Ritu is very confident In her abilities and it makes you feel comfortable. My Second trip,The Hygienist did such an Amazing Job from start to finish . She answered all my questions so Patiently while being so thorough cleaning my Teeth. Highly Recommend

Linda Aiello
2 years ago
Amazing dentist highly recommend she is very gentle and explains everything she is doing. Would love to give 10 stars!!!!!

Kathy Gibson
2 years ago
I was very surprised to be able to go in after I called. Everyone was so polite and for my extraction was over in less than a minute. I am going back at end of month for a deep cleaning and will be using them from here on out. Thankful for being treated gently as I have had a fear of dentistry since I was 18 ! Thank you so much!

Teresa Morang
2 years ago
Had to have an abscessed tooth pulled. Dentist was very considerate about making sure area was numb and I was handling eve rything okay. It's the second time in two years I've had to have a tooth pulled and this experience was way better than the other one at another practice.

Bob Campbell
2 years ago
Very professional. It was a refreshing improvement from my previous dentists.

Michael Cook
2 years ago
All I can say is the entire experience that I have ever had at Dawson Dental( and there has been plenty )has always been the utmost professional service I have ever experienced.

mark hagen
2 years ago
It was very speedy and professional!! I will be back

Jesse Poage
2 years ago
Has a customer restroom.

Marsha Martel
2 years ago
Loved the outstanding, amazing care I received here today. I highly recommend this office! Loved everything, the care, dedication, 100% Customer Service. Moved from NH to Georgia and this the #1 Dentist.

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