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Dentistry is one of the greatest professions in the world. There is nothing like a warm smile with a beautiful set of teeth that says the person has been taking care of themselves. Periodontology allows me to practice a profession that has deep implications for medicine, as research has now shown that any type of gum infection can drastically affect general health. I want my patients to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for the rest of their lives.

I graduated with honors fromLoyola University School of Dentistryand completed my specialty training in periodontics, dental implants, and intravenous sedation in 1982 at theUniversity of Illinois Dental School, and my residency in anesthesia and medicine at Rush UniversityMedical Center. My undergraduate degree was received fromNorthwestern University. Havingcompleteda general practice residency and fellowship in general anesthesia at Rush, Presbyterian/St. Lukes Medical Center, I am also able to offer my patients intravenous sedation.

To me, continuing education is the life-blood of dentistry. It's a way to expand my knowledge base, keep things interesting and pertinent, and keep up with new developments. I attend roughly 20 to30 days of continuing education per year in order to keep up my skill level in medicine, anesthesia, dentistry, and practice management. This enables me to treat my patients with the most current, proven, and successful techniques and therapies.

I have been in private practice since 1979 and at our present location in Hoffman Estatessince 1981. This has given me the opportunity to establish an excellent rapport with the community and general dentists in the surrounding Chicagoland area.

I also have a passion for teaching others. For more than 20 years, I have lectured on multiple topics, whichinclude practice management and leadership, advanced periodontal procedures, and CT imaging and virtualization.Presently, I teach laser surgical procedures throughout the United States and the world.

Very seldom in life do you find that people are just as interested, if not more interested, in your practice as you are. I am very dedicated, and I find that my team is the same way. They definitely go the extra mile for whatever I need. This is such an encouragement to make me want to do the best and give them the best.

I am a Chicago native, born and raised, and currently live in the northwest suburbs. I love electronics, computerized modules and computers, and programming. I have had a passion for photography since I was 14 years old. In my free time, I love to travel and to play golf.

I enjoy the people around me: the team is more like a family than coworkers and our patients are an extension of those connections. Every day brings new conversations, new friendships, and new smiles.

It is usually Charlees friendly voice answering our phones. She is skilled at immediately making people feel at home, both on the phone and when they arrive. She keeps our schedule running smoothly, likening the process to putting together a puzzle.

Charlee has been married for over 40 years. She and her husband have two sons, five grandchildren, and a dog named Stanley. When shes not working, Charlee and her husband enjoy cheering for their grandchildren at their sports events, participating in a Bible study group, and volunteering at their church food pantry.

Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics - Periodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL

Christie helps patients improve and maintain their periodontal health. She provides oral hygiene and general health education, offers non-surgical periodontal therapy and laser treatment, and administers local anesthesia to patients requiring deep scaling procedures.

Christie and her daughter live on the lake. She enjoys volunteering at her daughters school, cheering for the Chicago Cubs, and exercising. Christie also enjoys most all outdoor activities: camping, biking, swimming, skiing, and playing softball.

I enjoy meeting people. It is important to me tohelp our patientsfeel more at ease with each aspect of their visitwith us. A patient may visit us for the first time, maybe a bit nervous from a past experience. Its such a good feeling to watch patients end their visit with us with a smile! It is great to know they are comfortable and trust us, and that we've positively impacted many lives.

Lisa is an art and music lover. She loves being a mom to her two sons, one a senior software engineer, and her other a musician and musical audio engineer. Lisa loves learning about other people and their stories. Everyone has a story, and every person's story matters.

Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics - Periodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL

Mary handles our recall scheduling, ensuring patients are staying on schedule with their hygiene visits. She also communicates with referring dentists, so our patients are able to maintain their improved oral health.

Mary is married and has three children shes very proud of: one son is in the Navy, one son is a firefighter, and her daughter is very artistic. She also has three well-loved cats. Mary enjoys time with family and friends and regularly participates in overseas mission trips with her church.

Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics - Periodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL

I love that Dr. Dalessandro is a great teacher. I have a passion for my job and want to keep learning from him. He is always on the cutting edge of laser treatment and is constantly looking out for his patients best interests.

Monica sets upsurgery rooms, prepares and sterilizes instruments, and assists Dr. Dalessandro during surgery. She does a fantastic job educating patients and putting them at ease when they are nervous.

Monica has three wonderful children, one in college, one in high school, and one in 8th grade. She enjoys being active whethergoing to travel baseball games for her son orbeing a dance mom for her daughter who is on the high school dance team.

Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics - Periodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL

I am a people person and love working with people. Its enjoyable to get to know our patients and help make their experience here a positive one. I like educating people about their oral health, so they have the best possible outcome, and walking with them as they improve their oral and overall health.

As a surgical assistant, Nancy prepares for surgeries and handles lab work. She assists Dr. Dalessandro with surgical procedures, sees post-op patients, and handles clinical care under the doctors supervision and direction.

Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics - Periodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL

I really appreciate our wonderful patients. Everyone here sees our patients as people, first and foremost, and is interested in peoples lives, beyond their oral health. We truly want only the best for them.

Neva has been married over 35 years. She has two daughters and sixgrandchildren. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, is an animal lover, and enjoys nature: hiking, exploring the woods and mountains, and going to the beach. She was a music teacher for years and is now involved in a local theatre.

'Working for a dental implant company has given me the opportunity to see first-hand the impact that restoring someone 's smile can have on their lives and I am very fortunate that I can be a part of that process either directly or indirectly!'

My name is Chuck Vinyard and I have been with Nobel Biocare for 8 years as both a Territory Manager and as the Digital Specialist for the Chicago Region. I have also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dalessandro and his team for a good portion of those 8 years. My passion lies in helping to improve patient care and outcomes with existing and emerging technology. I have also been fortunate enough to previously utilize this passion in the medical device start-up world by helping orthopedic surgeons integrate ultrasound technology into their practices for guided procedures as well as working with the only commercially available lower limb bionic prosthetic to help to normalize function and gait in amputees. I currently live in Arlington Heights and my free time is spent trying to keep up with my 8-year old son, Charlie.

Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics - Periodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL

Tidiness and order make me happy. Tasks that most people find tedious, I genuinely enjoy. I love to focus on the details with my sights set on the big picture: satisfied patients with healthy, beautiful smiles!

Nicole met her husband 12 years ago in Missouri. The couple has two kids, Bradley and Nora. When not working, you can find Nicole spending time with her family and doing home renovation projects. She loves to watch HGTV and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sarah sets up surgery rooms and prepares and sterilizes instruments. She assists Dr. Dalessandro during procedures and provides patient instruction, comfort, and support. When the procedure is finished, she sterilizes and cleans the surgical suite. Sarah also handles our inventory control.

I enjoy detective work and problem-solving: digging through details to find the answer and helping clarify that for others, especially our patients. It is rewarding to keep everything organized and running smoothly from the background, so our patients have excellent visits and achieve their healthiest smiles.

Amy covers a variety of tasks for our office. In addition to transcribing Dr. Dalessandros dictation, she also coordinates his meetings. Amy oversees inventory, is our point-of-contact for sales reps, and handles a range of miscellaneous and unusual jobs that pop up.

Amy and her husband love to travel and try to take at least one big trip each year. Locally, she enjoys attending theater and festivals with friends, kayaking behind her husband while he fishes, and activities with their church. For downtime, Amy says nothing is better than a good book with a cup of tea and her tiny dog in her lap.

Dr. Dalessandro has more than 35 years of experience in periodontics and dental implants; he is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and respected as a periodontist by his peers. For over 25 years, he has lectured widely on topics from practice management to navigated full-arch implant placement and laser-assisted periodontology and treatment of peri-implant diseasefor the Laser and Health Academy.

It is essential you feel at ease during visits to Dalessandro Implants & Periodontics. From our inviting reception area and welcoming front office staff to our supportive treatment chairs and skilled, gentle clinical staff, we want you to be comfortable. We have designed our environment to be beautiful and calming, while ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness and infection control.

During your procedure we will offer a soft blanket, comfortable pillow, and your choice of music. If there is ever anything you need to make a visit or procedure easier, do not hesitate to say so. We want you to feel relaxed and secure in our care.

Dr. Dalessandro is one of the very few dental surgeons in Illinois with a Class B Sedation License. He is trained to perform deep conscious general anesthesia when needed. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know.

We use leading-edge technology to ensure the most accurate diagnostics, treatment planning, procedures, and results. In addition to being an early adopter of a top-of-the-line cone-beam CT scanner, intraoral scanner, and 3D printers,we also utilize multiple dental lasers.

Lasers are one of the best options to: disinfect and detoxify periodontal and peri-implant disease. They canclean and smooth the surface of infected implants and increase blood flow and clotting for faster healing. Lasers are also used to effectively reduce snoring. They are safe and cause minimal discomfort.

Please contact our Hoffman Estates, IL Periodontal and Dental Implant Office to schedule a visit with Dr. Dalessandro. He, and our team, look forward to helping you reclaim that wonderful smile! Call, today.

o Full-mouth debridement and bone grafting Periodontal disease often presents as deep pocketing, bleeding, swelling, tooth mobility, and odor. Depending on how advanced the disease is, there are non-surgical options as well as surgical. In every case, careful debridement is done to remove any infection and bacteria; in some cases, bone grafting is also used. With proper treatment and post-op care, the result is healthier bone and tissue.

o Gingival grafting When gums recede and expose the roots of teeth, it can be painful as well as un-aesthetic, and bone loss can occur without treatment. Gingival grafting can be done to re-cover the roots with healthy tissue.

o Soft-tissue diseases There are several diseases that can appear in the mouth. If you notice sores or other irregularities, a biopsy may need to be done to find out the cause. When necessary, a course of treatment will then be recommended.

o Tooth Extraction, Bone Grafting, andImplant Placement A tooth that becomes hopeless needs to be extracted, and bone grafting is needed to rebuild the bone in the site where the tooth was. This is done by filling the socket with bone or bone substitute that will combine with your bone to preserve it and to minimize bone loss during healing. After several months, the bone will regenerate, and a dental implant can be placed in the area.

o Ridge Augmentation Ridge augmentation may be needed if you dont have enough bone to support an implant. This bone loss may have been caused by many different things. Aswith bone grafting, bone or bone substitute will be added to combine with your bone and rebuild it and make it strong enough to support an implant(s).

o Sinus Lifts In some cases, the bone in your upper jaw is very close to your sinus, which requiresa sinus lift. This is most common when an upper molar has been missing for a long time. In this procedure, the sinus floor is raised and bone grafting material is placed so new bone can grow below the sinus and become strong enough to support an implant.

o Teeth-In-A-Day Sometimes, the amount and quality of bone around a hopeless tooth is good enough that an implant can be placed immediately when the tooth is extracted. And sometimes, you can even return to your dentist for a temporary crown on the same day.

o Implant-Supported Dentures There are several implant options to replace your traditional dentures with a removable or fixed appliance. The best option for you will beunique to your needs.Sometimes tooth extractions or significant bone grafting needto be done; but once implants are in place, it will keep your bonefunctioning and healthyfor years to come!

o Treating Diseased or Failing Implants Just like with teeth, things can occur to damage implants. It is not common, but it does happen.In that event, the implant can usually be treated and retained through laser therapy and bone grafting.

o Cosmetic Tissue Procedures With lasers, we can improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile by reshaping uneven tissue, trimovergrown tissue, or releasea thick frenum between teeth thats preventing normal function.


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Jeffery Syslo
2 years ago
My last visit was very Good, Christie Dental Hygienist was very good . I feel very good after she was done. Thank You Jeff

Bill Lomas
2 years ago
Dr. D is in a class of his own... simply the best. He gives back to his profession by teaching others. His practice has multiple employees who have been there for decades. That's because he treats them well.... with dignity and respect just like his patients. Always a smile and positively the best. Not sure if he takes new clients but if so that's where you should go

Louis Shah
2 years ago
I have been a client/patient of Dr.Alan Dalesandro for some time and my personal experience with him as my Periodontist has been nothing but exceptional. Dr. Alan is an excellent doctor and his advise and his work ethics have been most helpful to me in my implant works that he has done for me. I highly recommend him as my choice of Periodontist and have recommended him to few of my friends and family members. His office staff is excellent and they are all very helpful during initial exam and provide great follow up care afterwards. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Alan Dalessandro as one of the best in his field.

Leo Lento
2 years ago
Dr Dalassandro and staff are second to none! Caring, friendly, professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Jasmine Panayotov
2 years ago
Excellent Service

Samantha Renay
2 years ago
Every single staff member from the front end to the bedside are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. I have a few implants that need to be placed and Mary has made all the financial information easy to understand. They are super transparent with everything. I just had an appointment this morning. I had two sinus lifts and an implant placed and have absolutely zero pain or soreness, I have taken zero pain relievers and feel great. Dr. Dalessandro is gentle, caring and super knowledgeable. If you are looking into getting an implant done look no further Dr. Dalessandro is the guy to go to. They have state of the art technology and Dr. Dalessandro is passionate about what he does. This office deserves far more than 5 stars. Also, they sometimes have a cute little furry guy named Maverick hanging out in the office which makes this place even more awesome. Thank you Dr. Dalessandro and staff for all the amazing work that you do!

Joe Anello
2 years ago
One of the best ....along with excellent work they also give you excellent service . Thank you Dr and the whole team .

Joanne Nelson
3 years ago
Dr. Dalessandro and his staff are extremely thorough and professional. The office is always very clean and precautions are taken to keep everyone safe. I would highly recommend Dr. Dalessandro and his team.

mike frantz
3 years ago
Dr. Dalessandro removed what was left of my upper teeth, added bone graphs to each socket, then added 4 implants. The procedure went very smoothly and to my suprise relatively pain free. The moment you meet him you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients and their final outcomes. I would highly recommend anyone who needs implants or periodontics to set up a consultation and see what he can do for you!

Will Safranski
3 years ago
Have been a patient for over 40 years. His attention to my dental needs have always been superb. Highly recommend his services to anyone requiring periodontal treatment

Laura Wassinger
3 years ago
Dr. Dalessandro uses a combination of skill and compassion to care for you. He carefully assesses your problem before taking action. His staff is warm and thorough. I felt I was in good hands!

Rita Montano
3 years ago
Dr. Dalessandro has done all of my implants, and I have never had a single problem. I would never even think of me trusting anyone else.

Patti Fermo
3 years ago
Doctor is amazing! I have had a few implants before and Dr Delassandro is so pain free I tell everyone to see him I was shocked and amazed with his work His staff is the best and comforting I have anxiety issues and they were all so supporting I'm going to Florida and will come back to have this doctor do more work You will be so happy!

jim powell
3 years ago
Top grade facility and people. This is far superior to a normal dental practice. I have had surgery and a tooth removal/post install. Superior work.

Bob Nemeth
3 years ago
Many years of wonderful maintenance and care for my gum & implants. I had periodontal work done with Dr Dalessandro in the early 1980s after getting a popcorn husk stuck in my gums and over the years have continued trusting his work. I would (and have) recommended him to any and all.

Edmund Witkowski
3 years ago
Dr. Dalessandro is very nice and professional. His staff is amazing, especially dental hygienist Christie (amazing job). If you have a problem with your teeth and want to get rid of it , I recommend this place . . Thank you so much!

Brian Husselbee
3 years ago
Dr Dalessandro and his staff are outstanding. Everything happens on time, everything explained very clearly, implant goes in perfectly and, best of all, no pain during or afterwards!

Rita Montano
3 years ago
Dr. Dalessandro has done all of my implants, and I have never had a single problem. I would never even think of me trusting anyone else.

jim powell
3 years ago
Top grade facility and people. This is far superior to a normal dental practice. I have had surgery and a tooth removal/post install. Superior work.

Bob Nemeth
3 years ago
Many years of wonderful maintenance and care for my gum & implants. I had periodontal work done with Dr Dalessandro in the early 1980s after getting a popcorn husk stuck in my gums and over the years have continued trusting his work. I would (and have) recommended him to any and all.

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