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For nearly 30 years, Dr. Brian Crosby has been serving patients in the Lakeland, Florida, area. Always interested in science, he completed his undergraduate studies in biology and chemistry while attending Florida Southern College. Following graduation, Dr. Crosby attended the University of Florida College of Dentistry to earn his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. With a passion for learning, a heart for helping, and a mind for detailed professionalism, Dr. Crosby has received countless awards and is a member of many area organizations.

Between our clinical assistants, hygienists, and office administrators, we have built a solid team with a shared vision and goal. Every day we strive to be better than the last. Whether through continuing education, ongoing patient care, or innovative dentistry approaches, we work hard to bring our patients the best care possible. Crosby Dentistry believes in dedicated care with passionate professionals.

Every team member is driven to excellence by professional dentistry practices, genuine humility, and personalized attention. As passionate professionals, Crosby Dentistry believes in quality, dedicated patient care. Our team strives to provide an exceptional experience for each of our patients, and we are dedicated to creating comforting, professional, and individualized service. We routinely focus on bettering ourselves as a team through ongoing education and advanced practices to bring our patients optimized, unparalleled dentistry care.

Dr. Crosby is a graduate of Florida Southern College with a degree in Chemistry and Biology. Following his undergraduate work, he went on to achieve his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

As a result of his constant pursuit of becoming a better dental professional, he has received awards for his leadership, achievements, and clinical excellence. He is currently a member of numerous professional organizations.

Every day we are driven to be better as professionals and people. As professionals, we love dentistry. We stay ahead of the curve by pursuing advanced clinical education and ongoing skill development. As people, we love our patients. Our daily mission is to be more caring, more compassionate and more attentive with those we have the privilege of serving.

Going to the dentist should be a part of maintaining your overall health and wellness. A dentist not only helps to keep your teeth and gums in good shape but can also screen for and help you prevent system diseases and conditions. A dentist can also diagnose and treat issues before they become more significant problems. Plus, going to a dentist is the best way to maintain a healthy and bright smile that you can show off to the world.

Absolutely not! Part of what makes regular dental visits so important is the preventive nature of the visit. While Dr. Crosby will certainly work to maintain your healthy smile by cleaning the teeth and around the gum lines, he will also screen for any potential issues before they become future problems. Dental care is all about preventive measures to help keep your smile in good shape.

All too often, people only visit the dentist when they have a noticeable problem or are experiencing pain. Visiting the dentist every six months can help you and the doctor spot any potential problems early. By stopping problems before they worsen, you can stay comfortable and pain-free, and treat conditions more successfully.

At Crosby Dentistry, we offer a range of services to make taking care of your teeth simple and comfortable. We are happy to give you easy, economical solutions for your dental care, from routine dental exams, cosmetic dental treatments, and preventive care.

Dental treatment has evolved so much in recent years, and it is now easier than ever to enjoy your visit to the dentist. The team at Crosby Dentistry understands and empathizes with fearful patients, which is why we offer several solutions to ease your mind and keep you comfortable. From gentle and professional team members to options for sedation dentistry, we will work together to find a solution to keep you calm and relaxed.

During your exam, you can expect a professional treatment that will keep you comfortable. A member of our hygienist team will work to clean your teeth gently. Your teeth will then be inspected and polished for a bright white smile. Next, youll meet with Dr. Crosby, who will take a closer look at your mouths muscles and soft tissues. He will examine your teeth and gums and make further recommendations for your treatment or ongoing care. Last, we will send you home with some new dental swag like toothpaste and a toothbrush to help you keep a solid dental routine between visits.

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