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What I love most about dentistry is how each day is different. I meet so many interesting people and learn from each person as they talk about their work, travels, and family life. I never forget that each patient is an individual, deserving of respect and compassion above all else. I am here to help them improve their oral health, achieve the smile they desire, and ensure every visit is a painless and positive experience.

Im very enthusiastic about the technological innovations weve incorporated into Capitol Hill Dental Group. Those technologies allow us to provide more accurate and comfortable diagnostics, more precise and targeted treatment, and deliver results that keep patients smiling!

After practicing dentistry for more than 30 years, I can honestly say I love what I do. My days are spent with remarkable people: each patient, our staff, and I form a team that improves the patients health and quality of life. Dr. Alexandra E.S. Thomson

Dr. Thomson is committed to providing each patient with leading-edge treatment, through the use ofadvanced technology, techniques, and materials. Each year she completes many hours of continuing dental education and has extensively studied dental implants, CEREC, and Invisalign.

Dr. Thomson is also a clinical instructor in the advanced general dentistry program at the University of Maryland Dental School. She works with postdoctoral students and focuses on teaching CEREC technology. Teaching keeps Dr. Thomson uptodate with many advances in dentistry and exposes her to rigorous discussions of methodologies and new approaches to patient care.

In addition, Dr. Thomson is a member of the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network. This enables her to participate, on a volunteer basis, inperforming practice-based research at our office. She offers this option to her patients and thanks those who have agreed to participate. Dr. Thomson knows its essential to generate real-life feedback to better understand how certain dental procedures and products work in the real world.

After growing up on the upper west side of Manhattan, Dr. Thomson still considers herself to be a New Yorker at heart! She now lives in Arlingtonwith her husband, BarrieTron. The couple has two children, Zoe and Ted, and are recent empty nesters. Dr. Thomson is enjoying having time for weekend getaways with her husband. She also likes keeping healthythrough workouts at the gym and jogging.

One of Dr. Thomsons most rewarding experiences as a dentist was volunteering for the Mission of Mercy in Maryland. This program provides free dental care to the less privileged in our community. Dr. Thomson found it humbling to see people lined up, all night, in order to receive dental care.

Being a dentist gives me the opportunity to truly help peopleon an individual level. Whether Im relieving pain, improving a smile, restoring function, or teaching someone how to care for their oral health, Im making a difference in their quality of life.

We serve a diverse community, from all walks of life, and each person has their own stories and experiences to share. Im honored when a patient tells me about their family, talks about their goals, or shares a funny anecdote. Our conversations create a bond of trust and that allows me to best meet that persons oral health needs.

I love providing dental care to families: its a wonderful feeling to be included in their lives and see a family grow over the years. I celebrate their graduations, new jobs, retirements, and weddings, and welcome their new children. Each patient is important to meas a person, and I am grateful to be entrusted with the health of their smile.

One of the things I appreciate most about Capitol Hill Dental Group is our commitment to technology. Advancements in this area means better, more comfortable, and more accurate treatment and incredible, lasting results! Dr. SusanE. Hodges

Dr. Hodges is passionate about constantly strengthening her skills and expanding the care she provides her patients. Shes committed to continually learning and bringing that knowledge back to the practice. Each year, Dr. Hodges completes many continuing dental education courses, both online and in-person, and learning from the leaders in the field.

A native of northeastern Ohio, Dr. Hodges has called northern Virginia home for almost 15 years. Her life is shared with her husbandCraigand four children; being with them is a priority when shes not caring for patients.

Dr. Hodges enjoys running with her middle-schooler, watching and supporting her childrens extracurricular activities, and cheering for DCs professional sports teams with her family. She likes working in her gardentoo.

Dr. Hodges serves on the board of directors for Alexandria Little League. Her boys love to playbaseball and shes happy to volunteer for an organization that encourages and supports any child who wants to play the sport!

I became a dentist to improve the appearance and confidence of individuals and to help eliminate the perception that dentistry must be uncomfortable. I believe in maintaining an ethical, personal, and professional standards in all aspects of care. My goal is to create relationships and educate each patient so they can maintain a healthy and a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Dr. Durgam believes in the importance of staying current with dental technologies and values continuing education. She also believes one can never stop learning. As part of that belief, she continues to attend various continuing education courses and had recently completed one on Invisalign clear aligners.

Dr. Durgam, a native of India, has called Maryland home for almost 20 years now. Her interests include spending time with her family, cooking, working on DIY home decor projects, practicing Indian classical dance and traveling.

Elaines one of our dental hygienists. Shes gentle and kind, and attentive to each persons comfort during visits. While cleaning teeth, taking X-rays, and reviewing a patients health history, she asks about their life and hobbies. Using that information, Elaine then works with her patient to find the home oral hygiene products and practices that will improve their dental health. She also teaches patients about nutrition and encourages them to develop healthy habits. Elaines day is made when a patient comes for a recall visit and shows her a clean, beautiful smile!

Originally from Ireland, Elaine came to the U.S. in 1987. She has two daughters, Sarah and Olivia, and two dogs. When shes not in the office, Elaine enjoys time outside, especially walking and biking.

Working at the front desk, Grace will welcome you with her warm and friendly smile. Shell greet you by name, ask how youre doing, and check you in. A true people person, Grace enjoys building friendships with our patients and families, hearing about their adventures, and learning about their lives. Shell help you schedule visits at times that work with your busy life, is glad to answer questions, and will file your insurance claims. Grace also manages our patient accounts. Seeing how a healthy mouth changes a persons life is Graces favorite part of her work.

Mariam, a dental hygienist, will help you take control of your smiles health. Shes friendly, approachable, and supportive, and will make sure youre comfortable and relaxed during hygiene visits. Shell examine your mouth for signs of oral disease, take intraoral and digital photos, and clean your teeth. A lot of your time with Mariam will focus on your oral health. Shell teach you why its important to keep your mouth healthy, show you how to do it, and provide lots of encouragement. Shes happiest when she sees you making strides in caring for your smile!

Afshin is one of our excellent licensed dental professionals who provides full oral healthcare aimed at the prevention and treatment of oral disease. He joined Capitol Hill Dental Group in 2013. It is important for Afshin to know more about his patients than just their oral health status. He wants his patients to feel comfortable and trust him with their care, and believes that sharing what they have in common goes a long way to achieve that.

Afshin is married and has one childan eight-year-old daughter named Leyly. Afshin and his wife immigrated to the US in 2006. They really enjoy life here and are so happy that Leyly can pursue her happiness here. In his free time, Afshin enjoys watching soccer and traveling.

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