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Bas Wafelbakker, DMD - Orthodontist in Hollister, CA
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We are breaking the mold of traditional orthodontists. At Wafelbakker Anderson Orthodontics (WAO), we go beyond traditional orthodontics because we believe oral health is essential to general health and well-being at every stage of life. Our approach involves fixing the cause of the condition and looking at everything from the inside out. And during the course of this journey, we will also give you a killer smile that will last a lifetime.

Our holistic approach to treating our patients goes beyond achieving straight teeth. Not only will your treatment improve your teeth, bite, and smile, but youll also notice a change in your health and well-being.

How, you ask? It is part of our bigger picture approach a healthy mouth is good for your whole-body wellness. Your mouth actually serves as a window into your overall health.A healthy mouth enables not only nutrition of thephysical body, but also enhances social interaction and promotes self-esteem and feelings of well-being.Breathing is immensely important and is closely related to sleep, so dont be alarmed if we ask you if you snore. We do everything to facilitate better breathing in our treatment and create stable proper function that will minimize future dental work. When teeth align properly, all other functioning is greatly improved, which helps patients better maintain overall health without surgery. We know the importance of this because 80% of the patients in our pain clinic had previous orthodontic treatment. We know our treatment methods are effective because these patients are no longer living with pain.

Most people seek orthodontic treatment to obtain that beautiful smile they have dreamed of for themselves or their children. At Wafelbakker Anderson Orthodontics (WAO), our practice philosophy is to go beyond the boundaries of traditional orthodontics, and we have developed a holistic and comprehensive approach to orthodontic care that takes into account much more than just straight teeth, but how the teeth and the bite connect with our entire body.

The extensive continuing education training our doctors are constantly receiving has enabled us to now fix teeth and bites that were previously thought to be un-fixable without surgical intervention, and offer our patients one of the most unique treatment experiences in the world. It is our mission to make our patients smile the biggest they have ever smiled, not just because of the confidence they feel in knowing their teeth look beautiful, but also because they know they now have a healthy, balanced bite that will last them a lifetime.

In 2007, our doctors learned about a treatment modality, the Multi-loop Edgewise Archwire (MEAW) technique, that completely changed orthodontic treatment in our practice. These wires are extremely powerful tools that can help us fix the most difficult bites and severely crowded situations without jaw surgery or extraction of permanent teeth.

Bas Wafelbakker, DMD - Orthodontist in Hollister, CA

Since 1985, Dr. Wafelbakker has been providing his patients with top quality orthodontic care. He chose the oral health field because his grandfather was a dentist and he enjoyed the mix of using his mind, his hands, and socializing all at the same time. At the office, Dr. Wafelbakker loves making people smile. His practice is a friendly and warm place, where both staff and patients have a lot of fun. Interacting with patients is one of his favorite aspects of his job, and seeing patients coming from up to a third generation, can be a very gratifying experience. Dr. Wafelbakker feels like his patients are like family and treats them with the utmost care.

In addition, Dr. Wafelbakker spends many hours a year on continuing education in both the US and abroad. He believes that orthodontics and dentistry are rapidly evolving and changing professions, and it takes a lot of continuing education to stay on the cutting edge. Dr. Wafelbakker believes it is important to not only take continuing education courses in orthodontics, but also in many other dental disciplines. This allows him to communicate better with his patients general dentists, and to provide his patients with better care.

Since 2008, Dr. Wafelbakker has been actively studying with a Japanese orthodontist (Dean of Kawanaga Dental College in Japan). Through this studying, Dr. Wafelbakker has learned a technique that eliminates jaw surgery for a lot of patients that would otherwise have needed surgery to fix their bite.

Bas Wafelbakker, DMD - Orthodontist in Hollister, CA

Dr. Chris M. Anderson is passionate about helping people express their happiness and inspire confidence with a beautiful smile. Having the chance to utilize art, science, and technology to produce fantastic smiles for his patients is extremely fulfilling. Being able to make that happen for his patients is one of the most rewarding things about his profession.

Joining Dr. Wafelbakkers practice in October of 2006, Dr. Anderson has enjoyed the opportunity to interact with so many interesting people every day, which enriches both his personal and professional life.

Dr. Anderson obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology atSanta Clara University. He then went on to theUniversity of the Pacific Dental Schoolto obtain his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, his Master of Science degree in Dentistry, and his certificate in orthodontics.

Dr. Anderson is also a professor at the University of the Pacific Orthodontic Program. He is involved in continuing education and is a part of multiple dental study clubs with fellow dentists and specialists focused on interdisciplinary care of patients. As a member of the Seattle Study Club, Dr. Anderson has the chance to interact with an international network of doctors focused on continued training in comprehensive patient care and team treatment planning.

Bas Wafelbakker, DMD - Orthodontist in Hollister, CA


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