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Ricardo Badger
2 years ago
I had an excelllent experience in my visit at Aspen Dental in Bluffton, SC. Every part my experience was well received from the beginning to the end. Every member of the staff was excellent from the Doctor to the receptionist. Checkout was the informative and extremely proffesional. This has been the most comfortable and easiest dentist visit I have had in years. Thank you for your high level of professionalism!

Quinn Redgrave
2 years ago
So they are a bit slow but I really didn't mind that, the staff is super kind and the lobby is very clean. Definitely recommend going here for hospitality alone.

Kiara Ruth
2 years ago
Great dental assistance! Doctor took extremely too long extracting a tooth!

Lisa Gartrell
2 years ago
Aspen dental is based on collecting money from people before services is performed. I never been to a dentist that wants you to pay for a cleaning or a filling before scheduling appointment. Aspen dental would not schedule the cleaning or filling they said I needed because they demanded full cost of services before they would perform. I explained to the lady collecting money that I would need to budget the $800 (after insurance amount) into my budget And she didn't care.

latora bostick
2 years ago
Do not get work done from this place they OVER charge you, and they do not correct the problem I got crowns done on my tooth it came out several times. After leaving the dentist from getting my crown I brought a cup of coffee my crown came off. I also got a filling done not even two months of having the filling I started having really bad pain. I went to Aspen to get help after taking two days off work, my dr. Was not there they had a substitute dr named dr. Parris he was very rude to me he told me that he wasn't going to help me because I had a lip ring. The tooth that was hurting was on a totally different side from the lip ring. I asked him to at least write me a prescription for pain he walked right passed me with his head held high and ignored me. I was so upset. I spent thousands with these ppl and I can't get a prescription. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GO HERE!! this is a real review.

Joyce Smalls
2 years ago
I am truly happy for the wonderful staff that met my dental needs. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I look forward to returning to office at Aspen Dental!!!

brenda lawson
2 years ago
This is the best dental experience I have ever had everyone was very professional and worked well together. Thanks

Stanley Anderson
2 years ago
Had a great experience at Aspen Dental Did not have to wait pass appointment time. Everyone was very friendly and curious. Also explained what was going on, doing the appointment with your visit. I was very well taken care of

scott leonard
2 years ago
I've called them 3 times at their office 7 x 2 their emergency line no one will talk to me I have a $6000 plan to them can't get a answer

Leo's Beard Oil
2 years ago
They were very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable from the beginning of the process to the end.

Erica Dunlap
2 years ago
Great office even greater people that work there

Robert Lewis
2 years ago
its a dentist office not a club ,ok

Christina Simmons
2 years ago
Everyone was personable yet professional. It was quick and effective. I had a great experience.

Brad Fields
2 years ago
This place is a waste of your time. They will try to sell you everything but what you go in for. Typical high pressure BS. Stay away from this place.

Reginald Sirmons Sr
2 years ago
After going to the dentist before I am totally surprised at service I received from start to finish. I really didn't expect that great job.

Stephen Hill
2 years ago
Efficient services by all staff. Very circumspect exam. You took the time needed to fulfill my requests. Thank you very much.

Angela Summers
2 years ago
Very clean office and procedure rooms. Very friendly staff. I'm also scared of the dentist but they did a very good job making me feel comfortable, when I started to freak out, feel pain, or start gagging they didn't just keep going to get the procedures done they would stop let me calm down or help me calm down, readjust to make sure they weren't hurting me and pulled the teeth impression gunk out until I was ready to try again and the even adjusted the amount of the gunk they were using so I wouldn't gag again. Afterwards they made sure I was ok, explained everything thoroughly to me, made sure I understood everything that was done and everything else that needs to be done, gave me thorough instructions on everything they sent me home with to use and with all that they did for me today I am less afraid to go in for my next appointment even though I know my next appointment is going to be more extensive. They even tried working with me the best they could as far as the financial part of things and gave me wonderful advice on how to go about being able to afford my procedures and get them paid for. If anyone ever asks me for a dentist referral I will definitely send them to Aspen Dental especially the one on Abercorn St. in Savannah, Georgia! Thank ya'll, ya'll are amazing!

Jessica Stephens
2 years ago
Got a root canal about 2 years ago. Terrible work caused the crown to break off at the gum line. Now I will need extensive work done and implant for the botched procedure. Very disappointed with this practice. Also they will continue to bill you after your balance is settled. Shady. Shady

Tiffini Betts
2 years ago
Easy and quick exam with a solution that help me with my pain...very affordable for immediate care

Lisa Owens
2 years ago
Girl at front desk was too worried about our face mask then she was helping patients, we had our mask on but wasn't covering completely over our they couldn't even pull a tooth so waste of time! I wish I could give ZERO STARS

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