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Mark Bainbridge
2 years ago
Had a great time thanks nice poeple and helpful thank

Destiny Pontnack
2 years ago
Had a great first visit. Staff was so nice

Bert Stein
2 years ago
Took care of my problems and very quickly arranged a way to get things moving for a fix. Credit where it's due. Thank you .

Sarah Hyser
2 years ago
Everyone there is friendly, helpful, answers questions and keeps us safe with a mask. Today when I went I found out I didn't have to wear a mask.

Connie Shapiama
2 years ago
The only reason I'm giving a one star is because the girls in the back are super professional! The dentist and the office manager, are a different story! I've left several calls for her to call me about my treatment plan and bill! Got a vm early in the morning when I couldn't talk! But I've left over a dozen messages to get 1 vm from her! She and the dentist are trying to bill my insurance for work not done! I'm fighting these charges with my insurance company to not pay the charges for work not done ! It's like 1,000 $ worth of work submitted and not done! They are over priced as well! I know the work was not done because I went to two different dentist paying out of pocket for the visits! Because aspen ate half my benefits up for work not done! I questioned the office manager about those charges and she said (" well I wasn't in the room, so I wouldn't know! Take it up with the dentist and insurance!") I can't see the dentist because they want more money to see him! After paying almost 4,000 and I can't see him until I pay what they call the remaining balance! I've moved to a different dentist office and will be fighting for my refund and my dental benefits to be reimbursed! Don't waste your time or money !!!!

Don Plucker
2 years ago
My dental hygienist was the best I ever had. Very professional and actually cared about the person. A person like her is what makes a business great plus a better world.

Kenneth Klenz
2 years ago
Got dentures 10 years ago couldn't wear them. Would gag me, told me had to get used to them. Well it didn't happen and never got my money back. Satisfaction or your money back. RIGHT!!! Signed Toothless...don't go here for dentures, what a rip off.

Antwon Brown
2 years ago
Great service the staff was nice friendly and very attentive quick with getting things done

David Peterson
2 years ago
Great, knowledgeable service!

Steve Moore
2 years ago
Everything went great the 1st day friendly staff

Sarah Hyser
2 years ago
Everyone there is friendly, helpful, answers questions and keeps us safe with a mask

Rachael Mutert
2 years ago
My 7 year old had an appointment- was easy to book, very organized!! We did not have to wait long. She was a little nervous to go to the dentist, and they made her feel at ease and comfortable. Great experience. 5 stars.

Richard Barker
2 years ago
The difference between the final cost $320 and the estimate $270 is something to keep in mind. "No surprises" is an Aspen Dental saying. Would you be surprised with this difference?

Eric Field
2 years ago
Honestly not very happy. I paid $150 for x-rays when I'm supposed to get two free a year with my insurance. But they did the full panorama which I only get once every 3 years but I just had them done last year. I didn't know the difference but feel like that should have been figured out beforehand. So basically I paid for something I didn't need done. Staff was nice

Bonnie McCullough
2 years ago
I had a very pleasant experience. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I had no problem getting in right away and I am going back this week to start my new bottom plate dentures process, yay.

Sarah Merlo
2 years ago
Expensive!!!! I will say though they did have lovely customer service just super duper pricey.

Saul Franco
2 years ago
Best Dentist that I've ever been to. Very organized and professional they knew exactly what was wrong with my teeth the moment they layed me back on the chair. Taylor the best Hygienist and very straight forward what needs to been done to keep teeth nice and healthy. Will definitely come back for more future appointments.

casey stien
2 years ago
Dentist is great but this is the 4th time I have been rescheduled for a hygienists appointment. It's always something. I get ppl have lives outside of work. The first year going there was awesome. This year they cant keep their schedule. If I wanted a diffrent time to get a cleaning I would ask. Not be told that I can be fit in after my already scheduled time. I'm sorry but I'm about to find another dentist. That's how frustrating this process has been. Your clientele makes your schedule and your paycheck not the other way around.

Hugo Quinones
2 years ago
The girls at work there are super funny, super friendly, very courteous. And made me feel very welcome I'm sure to go back to the dentist now. Helpful And knowledgeable From the X-ray to the exam, had a really good time. They kept me laughing through the Whole process.

Ashley Burtman
2 years ago
DO NOT HAVE WORK DONE ON YOUR DENTURES HERE. They completley ruined my denture last month , but because they were made over a year ago theres nothing they can do. SCAM ARTISTS CONNING PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY. THEY RUIN YOUR TEETH. STAY AWAY FROM THIS "FACILITY".

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