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Sandra Tappin Hampton
2 years ago
Dr. Redmond is awesome.

Laura P
2 years ago
I can't say enough! I have found my new dental home! Everyone is wonderful, especially my new hygienist! Everyone goes above and beyond at this office. I felt welcome and well cared for from the minute I walked into Aspen Dental. Everyone cared about my health, comfort and needs. I'll definitely be staying on as a patient.

2 years ago
The person that deep cleaned my teeth was chipping off my old filling so I would get a crown and the bridge they put in - my mouth was infected for 14 days also they wait til they are in your mouth working and tell you need other work done so you can't say no. - they seem to to be either unqualified or they destroy your mouth on purpose- I have to go to a dentist and have my bridge replaced - - They just want to make money off your mouth not treat your mouth- I wish I never would have ever ever gone there last year. Worst dentist experience in 30 years of going to dentist

Saundra Jackson Fuller
2 years ago
I had to have a tooth extraction, I was so nervous due to a very bad experience I had at another Dental office. The staff was very nice. This was one of the best experiences I ever had. No pain. I was so pleased I just wanted to hug Dr. Schaefer.

Janina McGlown
2 years ago
Friendly, professional staff and very patient with great care!

Laflonda Whitten
2 years ago
I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. I would highly recommend their care to everyone. I was really impressed. Thank you.

Rebecca Satanek
2 years ago
Horrible communication skills between patient and front desk staff. Ordered replacement partial. I WAS NEVER INFORMED WHEN DENTURE CAME IN! Found out it was sitting there for over 3 weeks after I had made repeated inquiries g phone calls with no response. LEFT SEVERAL MESSAGES. WILL NOT RECCOMEND THIS OFFICE AND CONTINUE TO TELL OF MY UNPROFESSIONAL EXPERIECE . Manager was extremely indifferent

Jimi Colgrove
2 years ago
I was there 15 minutes early and like they asked me to be my appointment was at 2:15 p.m. I arrived at 2:00 I didn't get taken in back until after 2:30 there were people coming in after me going back before me hardly talked to the dentist because they were busy and in a rush I was patient with them I gave them the benefit of the doubt they were very helpful patience is key they did keep coming and checking on me as I was waiting the service overall was good but I didn't leave until almost 4:30 I had long wait times

Bella Baby
2 years ago
Nice facility awesome staff they get the job done

Valerie Johnson
2 years ago
The dental assistants are very nice and make you feel welcome.Then there are the bad points they get you in under false pretense by saying no insurance no problem. The problem being that at what point does the truth come in ? I feel that they work along side these companies that will give you credit to pad there pockets as well. (Genisis) being one example I got the credit for my dental work and still had credit available to use allegedly but was not able to use it after my procedure date was past from the work I had done prior to this date. They told me that I could use the credit once I go back to Aspen again I said well that won't get used because I will never go back there again in this life !! They tell you what you need done but afterwards they don't try to assistant at all. And let's not get to talking about the office Manager who is strictly all about the money I had a complaint and was told that I could speak with him and after waiting 1hr. Was told that he was very busy so I couldn't speak to him but could talk to the Dr. Stear clear of all there unethical practices if possible.

Donna Bankston
2 years ago
I came in with a serious infection on my root canal from another doctor office and was in serious pain they took excellent care of my and stopped my pain and pulled the infected tooth the staff were amazing I will now be going back for all my dental needs and the doctor was awesome he explained everything to me and treated my problem now just waiting to heal up so I can get my implant I would highly recommend them and I did too 2 coworkers

nicole cooper
2 years ago
I think the first dentist I spoke to was a little upset about another more senior dentist contradicting his advice and it kind of showed when he was dealing with me. Maybe he was just having a bad day but other than that the staff was really friendly and even though my teeth need a lot of work they never made me feel bad about them which was really nice. I'll definitely get more work done with them. Not only do I need it but it was an overall good experience.

Helene Ceplawskes
2 years ago
Very nice people. The dentist was so cool.

Gilda Morales
2 years ago

Jillian Vera
2 years ago
This place is nothing but a scam all they want is money! My insurance has been waiting since February for them to send X-rays so my claim can be processed and all they keep saying is that it goes through the billing department and when u ask to talk to a supervisor "Joe" he's always in a consultation! My insurance even called them to ask for their billing number and they said they don't have it! None of it makes sense so therefore my insurance is looking into opening an investigation because even they said they are trying to scam! I've even tried calling their customer service number and it's just a recording and then hangs up on you! I would never recommend this place

Suebrina B
2 years ago
I cannot express how amazing their staff is!! Dr. Norris and Angela are so knowledgeable and compassionate. I am beyond thankful for them all.

2 years ago
I'm a teeth grinder and needed an emergency extraction. My appointment was 8:15 am, I showed up the second the doors opened at 7 to do my paperwork, and they didn't even let me finish before taking me back for the x-rays. Amazing service and wonderful bedside manner.

Gwen E
2 years ago
Everyone was great. They took me in without an appointment because I in so much pain. They all owere so nice. I'll be back again.

2 years ago
Was very clean great staff a bit of a wait but when you're as good as they are it's to be expected and the dentist that worked on me once he started he pulled 3 teeth in 9min very experienced staff My family has a new permanent dentist now thanks Aspen Dental

cory james
2 years ago
Friendly Amazing staff very affordable an amazing environment I was very happy with my tooth extraction got me in n out and Monique was amazing

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