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Today there more options than ever to treat and help maintain your teeth. Understanding your choices and their impact on your future dental health and lifestyle is important. Saving a natural tooth through endodontic treatment should always be the first choice for the best health and cosmetic results. There are many advantages to saving your natural tooth: Efficient chewing Normal biting force, so you can continue to eat your favorite foods Maintains a natural appearance Limits the need for more costly, ongoing dental work

Your number one goal is to save your natural tooth. If you have a choice saving your natural tooth versus extracting your tooth always choose saving. There are some options to replace your natural tooth but nothing even comes close to your natural tooth. If your treating general dentist recommends tooth removal ask why a root canal is not an option. It is probably a good idea to ask for a referral to an Endodontist for a second opinion. Endodontists are highly-trained specialists that save natural teeth. They are experts in diagnosing and treating painful teeth. Endodontists use highly advanced equipment and materials to treat patients successfully and comfortably.


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